I Wear What I Want to Wear


Hi everyone

Finally another outfit post! Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how I get dressed, how I get slim effect, how I can attract the other with my looks, and so many questions crossed on my mind. In the end – I remember,  I wear what I wear because it feels right and comfortable. Honestly I don’t have many branded labels on my clothes closet. As I felt this is right for me, and comfort for my body, its enough..I think…^ ^

So, let’s jump to today’s outfit…. 

I’m wearing black skirt pants legging here, I think they are cool and can really make a statement to your outfit anytime, plus make you stand out!

My Comfort Flat Sandals from Vincci – Haul from KL and Genting Trip


The nice thing about this one is the small  hair bun at the top of my head ^ ^.  It’s supposed to be fun and make me feel good. This is my  favorite hair look for everyday anyway..

Finally I found the answer, I wear what I wear because it feels right. Sometimes even when I try to make an outfit look like something, I felt like it’s not me , not my style, not my feelings. I don’t want to be a fake people.

 Over the years, I overcome this problem and now I am very decisive when it comes to making a big decision. But I still have a hard time deciding what I wear in the morning :p




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