Happy Chinese New Year 2013 !!!

I wish it’s not too late to made the Chinese New Year post! ^ ^

For those who are celebrating, Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Chai! Xin Nian Kuai Le!!  😀 May the new year bring joy, happiness, good health and great improvements in all areas of your life!

As you know guys, The Lunar New Year falls on 10 February this year.  It’s time to say goodbye to the Year of the Dragon and say hello in the Year of the Snake!
The Lunar new year it means – the time to bring out your favorite red dress and hunting lots of angpao >.<‘ Right?
Some Angpao that I received ^ ^
Its really excited time when we gathering with all big family members and got loads of angpao (somehow I still act like children 9 years old >.<‘ even I’m 25, hahaha) . Angpao is the Chinese New Year tradition where all the people who have married give a red pocket to those who haven’t as a good luck charm. Inside there’s money, and the amount depends. 
Since I need some extra cash for my HK trip, this April. All the money that I’ve got from Angpao, I will exchange into Hongkong Dollar (HKD) at bank or money changer. From this month, I really do have to start saving up some money for my HK trip at April. As you know, I am such as a big spender ;D hahaha especially when it comes in holiday. I got shopping a lot when I see cute stuff, makeup, or high tecnology gadget out there, like out of my control!
Sometimes I bought unimportant stuff without thinking, and it ends with regret! T_T
OMG! I need to stop my wasteful habbits before I went bankrupt! >.<
My Advice: For my readers, “Don’t imitated impulsive buyer like me! Its really a bad habbits guys! ”
Always remember dont buy anything that you will probably never use or don’t actually need it. Or you will be ended with regret like me.

Anyway if you see the red themes in all of my photos in this post.  You must be wondering, what happened on me?
If you ask me that I love the red things?
The answer should be “NO!” I’m red haters! I’m just using red dress once a year in Shiseido 14oth Anniversary event because that’s the dresscode for entering that event.
But as for us Chinese people, there’s something special during celebrate the Chinese New Year. We had to wear the red color on our outfit, which my mom told me it will bring us joy, happiness and luck.
So, I just follow this CNY tradition, I had to use red color same as like the other my younger sister. Even I dont like it, lol.
And its my FOTD on that day. Not much difference, I just put super minimal make up with thin eye lashes. Because I only have like 30 minutes to shower and dress up >.<.

Finally, let me intoduce my lovely nephew.. >.< She just came from Canada for celebrate Chinese New Year with my big family here.

 Say Hi to Rachel , everyone! ^ ^ She was a very shy little girl. Looks on my photos above! Her expression very shy but I still love her so much…

So yeah, thats’ it for today! Thank you for reading this post, everyone!
I just wish the year of the snake is a good one for you all!
Happy Chinese New Year! :)

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