Review: Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner

Hello everyone!!

Sorry for lack  of update! I’ve been so busy for the past 2 weeks >.<,  many working dateline that I have to do guys :( .

As you know, eyeliner is one of my must make up products, and my whole life cannot be completed with it!  I used to be very addicted to eyeliners because this is the fastest way to make my eyes look bigger, brighter, and much sexier ^ ^.  

By the way, I’m just lost my favorite Make Up For Ever – Aqua liner, hiks T_T  I’m so sad. Because I can’t life without eyeliner, I decide to buy the new one. Unfortunately I can’t find  the same eyeliner like mine in the small department store here. Because this is really urgent and I have to put eyeliner everytime I use make up. Finally I force my self to bought the other eyeliner from the other brands.  I found Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner there, so let will see how it works according to my standard 😀

Let me start off with the packaging. This is a liquid eyeliner comes in a long cap, so you can grip it easily. The packaging itself is nothing to impress, just a simple sleek black with the white text print.

The tip brush is the perfect shape for create the precise line on your eyelids. In fact this is quite easy to make thin and thick lines as you wish.

Here’s how it goes on my eyes :

I was using the blackest black color and as you can see that it’s really have deep black color. I love the pigmented color but once it dries, it becomes cracks and removes the previously drawn line. What the hell? >.<‘

Yes! You’re right, Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner not smudge proof.  I need to re-apply a few rounds before I can reach the good intensity. As if you keep lining your eyes, it will just be gone again after a few minutes later. It’s really made me tired and waste my make up time ;( .

This is the swatches color on my arm. The intensity of  dark color is pretty nice, but I am still not recommending it because although it pigmented, it cracks easily, so what’s the point? -__-‘

Plus (+):

– Easy to create thin and thick line

– Very pigmented color

– Affordable price

– Simply packaging

– Waterproof

– Easy to find at any local drugstore

Minus (-):

– Cracks easily

– Smudge easily

– Doesn’t come with too many color selections

 Final Opinion:

All in all, I am not very interested with this liquid liner. But, if you want to try by yourself, go ahead! Honestly, I’d still prefer my Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner over this one. The big point of this product is just  pigmented color. Other than that, I think there’s nothing to be proud of  from this product. It works like any other drugstore liquid liners. After all, I think at least if you are out of choice for liquid liner, you can try it. Though it will be the last option for me ^ ^.



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