Beauty Event Report: The Uniquely Chocolate Sensation by Texture Experience

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I know you love the beauty event report ^ ^Right? 

After Indonesian Fashion Week 2013, this time I’m gonna share about MAKARIZO –  Hair Fashion Festival 2013 which held 19-24 March at Mall Taman Anggrek. During 6th days, Makarizo Hair Fashion Festival performed  best hairdressers and various famous artist. Each day they showcased more than 1 event, and every day has different theme of its own.

Curious about this event? Let’s roll down!

As for me, I got the invitation from Indonesian Beauty Blogger & Makarizo to enjoyed The Uniquely Chocolate Sensation by Texture Experience, so I only coming at that event. Honestly I’m really excited attending this event, because I am always in love with anything about chocolate.

Enthusiastic  Indonesian Beauty Blogger waiting the event started

The MC greeting us nicely

Ariel Tatum Duet with Afans opening the event

Then the event was started a bit late at 12.30 am with high enthusiastic beauty blogger there. After long chit – chat and camwhoring with fellow beauty bloggers,  finally the MC greet us and opening the event with singing performance from  Ariel Tatum.

MC, Ariel Tatum, Dr.Emilia Ahmadi, and Ferina Hartati (From Left To Right)

 Following with the talkshow from Dr. Emilia Ahmadi – Nutritionist and Ferina Hartati- Product Manager Makarizo Texture Experience. Dr. Emilia Ahmadi said that chocolate is a girl’s best friend. The first time I heard that, I felt surprised and I was like its really? Because, even I’m a huge fans of chocolate, sometimes I got scarry eat much chocolate can made my body fat. So I think chocolate can be an enemies for girls too >.<. 

But I was wrong ladies!  

Dr.Emilia Ahmadi explained depends on what chocolate do you eat. She said ” There are 2 types of chocolate; The first one is Chocolate Candy -which mostly sold at market with affordable price, it tastes really sweet because it contains high sugar but less chocolate (these one can made your weight up). And the secondly is Dark /Black Chocolate – which contains more than 60% -70% of chocolate and less sugar, it tastes more bitter than chocolate candy but it healthier for us.

And Makarizo as a hair care products has Texture Experience ‘Black Chocolate’  which contains the real extract of  dark chocolate. Dark chocolate rich in anti oxidant extract and anti aging. In the hair treatment chocolate has a lots of benefits too, as you can see in the picture below ^ ^!

Black Chocolate had a lots of  hair benefit and positive psychological effect.

A bit from Makarizo Texture Experience  ‘Black Chocolate’ :

“If you often feel badmood and wanted your day more beautiful, it’s time to feel the luxury sensation of hair massage on your hair. Black chocolate can treat and prevent hair damage also keep the scalp moisture. Distinctive aroma of chocolate sensations can generate a positive mood, so that your days will be more colorful.”

So, let’s see their live demo:

Nabila had the beautifully black hair color.

The assistants doing hair massage for Nabila

The hair massage technique can be used for hair treatment at home / salon

So this is Nabila – our hair treatment model, the Makarizo assistant demonstrates how to use Makarizo Texture Experience ‘The Black Chocolate’ on Nabila’s hair with head massage to generate her positive mood. It’s done fast and instant. What impresses me the most is the relaxation scent from their chocolate mask. Since I sat on the 1st row, I can smell clearly the black chocolate scent.  The black chocolate scent really teased me, I was like hungry all the time in that event ^ ^, hahaha.

At the end, the event always be finished like this!

Photo Session with fellow Indonesian Beauty Bloggers ^ ^!

 Love to be a part of this event! Thank you Makarizo for having such an uniquely chocolate sensation experience. I’m so happy can meet with new friends and fellow Indonesian Beauty bloggers through this event. It’s so much fun! ;D


This product was given to me during Makarizo Hair Fashion Festival ^ ^, and it will be review soon okay?

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