Review: Makarizo Texture Experience Black Chocolate Shampoo and Conditioner

You are the Chocolate lovers? ^ ^ Yes?

Oh came on, who doesn’t love chocolate?  

As you expect, in this post I will sharing about the magic of chocolate! 

Chocolate maybe more identical with comfort food, or the food that will improve our mood. Well, chocolate has a lot of benefit especially in the beauty world. Chocolate rich in anti oxidant extract and anti aging. Nowadays, dark chocolate is not only able to eat. There have been many treatments using dark chocolate, one of them can be used as a hair treatment. In the hair treatment, chocolate can be used as a for prevent the hair damaged which controls the scalp moisture level.

Product Description:

Chocolate contains Katekin, a Phenol antioxidant that is able to reduce the oxidation of bad cholesterol and increase the body immune system to prevent diseases such as cancer and heart coroner. In hair treatment, Black Chocolate is used to prevent hair damage by controlling the moist level on scalp and gradually improve hair’s quality. While the scent builds positive mood for you. Makarizo Texture Experience “Black Chocolate” enriched with cocoa extract which formulated to prevent hair damage and control the scalp moisture level.


It comes in 250ml. I can say this product is travel friendly because it made from pump plastic bottle. And the other plus point here because you can lock or unlock the pump while you finish used it. 

The Scent:

I guarantee, the scent of this shampoo and conditioner 100% identically with chocolate! The chocolate scent can generates my positive mood and made me feel really relax. For the best result, I recommend you to using both of them (Shampoo & Conditioner) because it can make your hair smells much much better and last longer!   The chocolate scent is just too good to resist and everytime I finish showering, I cannot stop smelling my hair.  My sister also compliments my hair because it smells so nice! She sniffs it a lot >.< LOL 

The Texture:

The conditioner have chocolate color and the thicker texture than the shampoo. While the shampoo is in transparent gel but it has chocolate scent too. The shampoo texture a bit watery and glides smooth and easily on hair ^.^.

Final Opinion:

Plus (+)
-Travel friendly packaging
-Hair feels soft and smooth 
-Cleans my hair well
-Smells very good, Chocolate scent
-Last long, a little goes a long way
– Chocolate scent has relaxing effect
– Affordable price


Minus (-) 
-Have less bubble foam


 Overall, Texture Experience Black Chocolate Shampoo & Conditioner works amazing on my hair. After a week, my hair is softer, smoother, lighter and smells fabulous.  I woke the next day and the scent of my hair still stays awesome. When I brush my fingers through my hair, they don’t tangle up and glides through. At the end, I‘ll definitely start using it more often! 


I got mind from MAKARIZO,  this product not so expensive, and if I am not mistaken, the product is about IDR 40.000 each? Cmiiw*


Sooo..tunggu apa lagi? Ingin memiliki Rambut yang Sehat, Indah, Lembut, Segar dan Wangi?
Gunakan produk rangkaian dari Makarizo Texture Experience, untuk perawatan rambut hari-harimu!
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  1. Eden Posner says:

    chocolate shampoos and conditioners are the best products ever cause it gives the bestest smell ever and those are my favorite products ever i love chocolate shampoos and conditioners

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