Review: Kiehls Clearly Corrective White – Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream

Hi everyone, looking for 24 -hour hydration skincare?

Especially if you have a dry or super dry skin like me.

This product could be your answer.  

Here’s one of the skin care that I use,  product from Kiehls! 
Shall we see?
Clearly Corrective White – Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream 24 Hour Hydration


Product Claims:
Our Clearly Corrective(TM)White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream is a lightweight, quickly absorbed moisturizer that is clinically-demonstrated to impart an overall improvement in skin clarity. Featuring the potent and powerful Activated C plus hydrating Glycerin and moisture-enhancing Ceramide, it works to correct visible uneven skin tone while helping to deter the appearance of new pigmentation irregularities on skin’s surface, all while providing continuous 24-hour hydration for instant luminosity and overall skin uniformity.


Packaging :
It comes in a jar and doesn’t come with spatula. So yes, hygiene reason here! Make sure wash your hand first before spread this cream on your face.  
What I love from the packaging is how they keep the simplicity with elegance.  The cap is decorated with silver metallic color make it looks expensive, and the jar made from white plastic. So, its keep safety to put in your travel bag.  


 The texture is watery creamy like lotion, but it’s still feels light weight on my hand. Its absorbed nicely and easily onto the skin. The scent it relaxing  and not to strong, has a hint of  flower scent, leaving my skin feel refreshed and moisturized.  


Left Without Flash – Right With Flash
And this is how it looks like.  My skin has dewy looks after the usage.
Yes I notice that my skin tone is getting improve and so moisturize. But as you know like a few times that I said, I hate greasy feelings on my face. Especially during the day, that I have a lot of activities.
Being someone who lived her entire life in tropical weather, it feels like my face want to melting  >.<‘ all day. Yeah I know, it’s sucks feeling.  So, finally I alternate using this one, as my night cream, that I’m always inside my air con room.


Final Opinion


Plus (+) :
– Simple and elegant packaging
– Relaxing scent
– Light weight
– Moisturized 
– Dewy looks
– Quick absorbs 
– Brightening the skin tone


Minus (-) :
 – Greasy feeling
– Expensive


The price it’s about IDR 575.000 if I am not wrong. Well maybe when we talk about the the price, I know its a little bit pricey. But I admit, usually the high end skin care only need a little amount of products compared than drugstores. It last like 3 months on me. So it such a good investment.
Even at the first, I hate the greasy feeling, actually this cream still works good so far on my face. I’m using this cream regularly every night. It moisturize my skin all day, improve my skin tone color, and fading my dark spots ;D.



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