Protect Your Hair Color With MK3 HOT ICE Mineral Oil


Aloha! Today I am going to share about my new hair treatment.

As you know, having a long hair like mine need an extra hard work to do a treatment. Moreover, after going through the chemical process of hair coloring, my hair tends to become dry and rough. I’ve been dyeing my hair even since I got out of senior high school at 18 so it has been a good 8 years straight!  So naturally my hair is really damaged!!!


The ends are so tangled and dry, its really terror to maintain. Firstly, combing is almost impossible, so you must brushing. It takes up to 24 hours to thoroughly dry by itself. Conditioner+ shampoo is always running out.  My hair condition was like a male lion and i’ts really hard to maintain.


  Many people often lament after doing hair stuff like perming, dyeing or rebonding that their hair becomes this tangled, split-ended mess. And in their panic, they always end up cutting their hair short! Correct?


But, I am a believer that hair CAN and WILL be revived even when it is damaged, as long as you keep going on with hair treatments!! 

I was so happy when I found these hair treatment serum. This is MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil from Makarizo.


About MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil

 MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil is a special care serum for colored hair to make it shine and more soft. With mineral oil, Hot Ice magic serum will improve brittle hair shaft immediately. Increase the intensity of hair color, and make hair that has been dyed to be  more healthy, soft and shine.


mk3 hot ice mineral oil

 Because my hair is really damaged. I personally love the hair treatment very much.
Well, let’s start from its packaging. The transparent bottle is made of glass and it is so elegant. But be careful, once you drop this small bottle, it can be broken into small pieces.



makarizo mk3 hot ice mineral oilI love the soft fragrance and also the unique formula. I was surprised that this oil textured serum could be freezing suddenly, when I put inside the ice cubes glass less than 1 minute. It was amazing. Its really unique experience, that I’ve ever had on a hair treatment product.

 photo (11)

The oil serum is very fine and gentle to massage your hair shaft as well. My hair feel soft and shining after using this. As for the treatment, I really love it! You know, colored hair needs treatment and not all treatment can be used on colored hair. Some treatments can wash off the color of your hair, but this one  will increased the intensity of  your hair color. It smoothen, soften and moisturize my hair. 


Alright! That’s all for today!

On the next blog post i’ll review about the tutorial step by step how to using Makarizo MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil!

 Stay Tuned Ladies!


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