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If you have been following my blog, you should have known that I have try MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil for my colored hair treatment! And as I promised before on my previous post, today I’m gonna show you step by step using the MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil. I made an easy video tutorial of  MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil, so you can following the process properly. 

Anyway, its so much fun filming my first tutorial – you’ll learn how to get the perfect healthy and shining hair with the  simply hair treatment from MK3 – Hot Ice Mineral Oil!


Please enjoyed the tutorial! ^ ^

To get the best result on this hair treatment, I’ll suggest you for using MK3 Color Revive Series from Makarizo. There are 8 steps total in my guide tutorial and here’s the details of some products that I’ve used inside my video tutorial:

1. MK3 Color Revive Shampoo. This shampoo is specifically designed for colored hair. This mild cleansing shampoo will clean my hair from any dirt and also help lock your color intensity.

2.  MK3 Color Revive Gel Conditioner,  this gel conditioner is useful for moisturized my dry hair so it will be appear shiny and more intense.

3. MK3 Color Revive Hair Gloss Mask, this one works on my hair shaft and hair cuticle to maintain the hair color intensity while keeping my hair soft and healthy looking.

4.  MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil , this one is the rock star today, also the most my favorite hair treatment right now. As you know, I had an unique experience while I’m using this product! I’m quite surprise, when it freezing suddenly after put this hot ice into a glass of cold water. It’s not just an ordinary hair treatment product like I’ve ever tried before,  for me its like an magic hair serum! It fix my damaged hair which already colored many times.

5.  MK3 Color Revive Hair Recovery Cream is using before hair styling  This is like an leave in conditioner for protect your hair from any heating and damaged flat iron or blow dryer!

 photo (17) Okay, that’s all for today! To get the perfect healthy and shining hair, you just need following step by step that I’ve told you before! It was easy right?


angelina cynthiaSo after that treatment my hair turn really well and my hair color is definitely more last longer, it feels silky smooth, shining also tangled free!! Of course I am very pleased with the final result ^ ^!

makarizo color revive series

Have you tried  MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil? What do you think?  

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