Painless Facial Experience With Shiseido

Last week I got the Birthday Present from Shiseido. They send me an birthday cards with a free voucher for doing a facial treatment at Shiseido Professional Cabin. Previously I never liked doing facial treatment, because it sounds like a nightmare for meI always have a negative thing about facial it self. And in fact there’s the reasons that I hate doing facial is awful and painful. Although sometimes I have a lot of  blackheads on my nose and  some pimples on my face, as much as possible I avoided facial! 


shiseido facial experienced

But this time, I want to share with you. Actually this experience really change my perception about facial treatment.  Short story, yesterday I just tried Shiseido Facial Service at Sogo, Emporium Pluit Mall, Jakarta.  I didn’t planned it before for doing a facial there, just a spontaneous action when I’m boring waiting to watching a night film at XXI. I guess it should be reservation first by phone, but I don’t do that. I passed on the Shiseido counter at Sogo and then remembered that I had one free voucher for a facial at their professional cabin ^ ^. 

So let’s see how the treatment was like! ;D



photo 4

The first step they clean up my make up with cleansing milk and cotton pads.


photo 2(1)

After that, with a rotator tools, they make sure the bubble foam cleanse my face well. The bubble foam has a soft texture feelings when touching my face. Its light and has a mild scent, make me more comfortable. 



This is the most important tools in this facial. Using the high technology tools, your fat, dirt, blackheads and pimples can be removed without any needle. 

And the best things, It doesn’t feel painful at all. I swear and guarantee…..



photo 5

The last step from this facial is face massage and face masks. I got sleep ^ ^around 15 minutes while waiting the mask dry on my face. 


photo 3

Once I wake up and open my eyes, I felt surprised that my face totally already clean (I’ll mean its not only clean from the mask, but cleans from black heads too). Yippie ^ ^!! I’m more happy when I noticed my face skin feels more fresh, suppler and tight. 


 The facial treatment took time around 1 hours and 15 minutes and If you’re interested, you can also try their facial treatment as well in Shiseido Counter. If I’am not wrong the facial treatment service its around  IDR 200.000.

photo 2(2)

 So, after finished the facial treatment, I didn’t really want to put more makeup because my skin was already so good. Let my bare face scream you! Hahaha >.<

Have you tried the painless facial experience, before?





  1. muthz says:

    wah harganya ngak terlalu mahal ya ternyata, say audah lama baca review bagus soal tempat facial ini. jadi pengen coba heheheh thanks reviewnya ya 😉

  2. Asri says:

    Hai.. kayaknya bagus ya facialnya.. harganya semuanya rata 200ribu? Lebih murah dari tempat aku biasa facial.. jadi pengen coba hehe thank you ya reviewnya :)

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