Opus Jay Chou 2013 World Tour Jakarta

So, as you might already read here. At 12 October ago, finally I got the chance to watch Jay Chou concert, in real life, yihaaaa!!! ^ ^After a long wait for Jay Chou coming, finally he made a first time concert in Indonesia >.<!


Ehem ^0^ its like a biggest birthday present in my life, as my birthday on 11 October. I always said to my friend, family and closest partners, If someday I watching an singer’s concert, it should be a Jay Chou concert. And you know, this is my first time watching the big concert in my life. Words cannot describe how excited I am, as I have been their fans since senior high school, watched their marvelous concert videos, listened to his songs over and over again.


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I really adore him so much. I love his talent, voice, acting,  anything from him. For me, he is like a multi talented singer. I got the real ticket one day before the concert it self. 

The concert started at 7 PM, and time showing already 5.30 pm, as soon as possible I got the panic attack disasters  since the traffic was really bad, my cars stuck around one hours, just want to enter the main gate of Ancol.



Finally I’m arrived at 6 .30 PM for queuing, it was already like 20 meters line, full of crazy crowds Jay’s fans!  By the way, they classified the audiences by seat plan as for Diamond and VVIP seat have the fast track to entered the main hall. So luckily I don’t need to join queue in the long line.


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Another problems come when I entered the security check gate, they check my bag and found that I can’t bring my digital camera to entered the venue. Unfortunately, the promoter didn’t provide the storage box too, so I need to put back my camera inside the car >.< hiks. 


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When I entered the hall, luckily the concert has not yet begun, and then I’m a little bit shock when I saw still a lot of empty seats. Shit happens, I guess I’m  already late, while running put back my camera inside the car, I even missed the opportunity to purchase the limited edition merchandise of  Jay Chou outside. And finally it turns out ends with the waiting for approximately 1 hour, until the concert started -_-. Yeah the concert was delay  (I think it is because the promoter wanted to make sure that all the audience had entered MEIS before it started.)


photo 1(4)

I searched for my seat, F-22. Finding it, and there is a pink glow stick for playing while concert starting. I’m using that glow stick for take the self selfie to kill the time before the concert started >.<.  


photo 2(4)

As I waited, finally Jay Chou appear and singing the opening song, Jing Tan Hao (驚嘆號) – Exclamation Mark! Suddenly all fans  who already waiting screaming out excited! The lighting was superb, and the graphic was awesome, its a 4D-effect technology concert. 


photo (20)

 Jay Chou  played  the piano so nicely and enthusiastically, making all the fans more excited than ever!  I screamed Zhou Jie Lun (Chinese Name Of Jay Chou) name a lot to show my hysteria, and sang till I couldn’t hear my voice anymore ;’).


photo (17)

Then after played some ballad songs, he moved to more energetic songs that made people jumping again! Best of all is of course, Jay Chou didn’t do lip sync, that’s the real concert lol. 


These are some video from my I phone camera. As you can see, the Jay Chou super duper tinny. My diamond seat plan is far away from the main stage area. I only can see the small Jay Chou from my seat and got the clear Jay Chou on their projector screen .



How come it’s so expensive diamond ticket price about 3 million rupiah and it ends up like this T___T. I was quite disappointed, even they didn’t provide any  free merchandise of Jay Chou except the glow stick itself.  


Though I was a little bit disappointing with the Diamond expensive seat, I still considered it as one of the best day in my life. This is gonna be one of my historical moment seeing my favorite singer in the real life. I cried a little that moment and whisper thank you God for letting me having a wonderful experience this year. 2013 is gonna be awesome. :’) Definitely one of the best birthday moment in my life.

Anyway, here’s the song list what they played at that night:
1. 驚嘆號 (Jing Tan Hao) → Exclamation Mark
2. 龍拳 (Long Quan) → Dragon Fist
3. 最後的戰役 (Zui Hou De Zhan Yi) → The Last Battle
4. 一路向北 (Yi Lu Xiang Bei) → All The Way North
5. 不能说的秘密 (Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi) → Secret That Cannot Be Told
6. 稻香 (Dao Xiang) → Fragrance of Rice
7. 雙截棍 (Shuang Jie Gun) → Nun-chucks
8. 明明就 (Ming Ming Jiu) → Obviously
9. 世界末日 (Shi Jie Mo Ri) → End of the World
10. 龍捲風 (Long Juan Feng) → Tornado
11. 安静 (An Jing) → Silence
12. 簡單愛 (Jian Dan Ai) → Simple Love
13. 公公偏头痛 (Gong Gong Pian Tou Tong) → Eunuchs Tend To Have Headaches
14. 千里之外 (Qiang Li Zhi Wai) → Beyond A Thousand Miles (Faraway) (feat. Liu Chen, a singer from Beijing)
15. 青花瓷 (Qing Hua Ci) → Chinese Flower Pot
16. 鬥牛 (Dou Niu) → Bullfight水手怕水 (Shui Shou Pa Shui) → Sailors Afraid of Water,大本钟 (Ta Ben Zhong) →  Big Ben
17. 彩虹 (Cai Hong) → Rainbow, 軌跡 (Gui Ji) → Orbit, 牛仔很忙 (Niu Zai Hen Mang) → Cowboy Is Very Busy星情 (Xing Qing) → Clear Stars回到过去 (Hui Dao Guo Qu) → Go Back To The Past


 I reached home around 12 a.m and just noticed how hungry and thirsty I am, because I didn’t have dinner before and can’t bring any drinks inside the stadium. In the end, it was a blast and I regretted nothing! Hunger, Thirsty, Tired, Money, all are paid with those 2 hours with Jay’s. And it was absolutely one of the BEST day of my life. Can’t be more excited, I’m wordless.  I only wished he would come to Indonesia again :).


All pictures & videos are taken by my Iphone5  😀


I hope you would enjoy reading this fanatic fans post, if not, well at least I enjoy writing it ^ ^!

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