Oscar Blandi Plaza Senayan – Hair Styling Experience


Hi Everyone, 

Time flies so fast isn’t it? Its almost Christmas already! Can you believe it? ^ ^ 

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the Oscar Blandi Exclusive Store at Plaza Senayan and Kota Kasablanka Mall. Dhanty as Oscar Blandi Public Relations offered me to choose the one exclusive store that I’m more comfortable with. 


Because, I had to attend beauty blogger gathering event in the same mall, so I just go straight to the Plaza Senayan. And surprisingly there are so many bloggers who have the same destination with me, so I had to wait patiently >.<‘ because only one hair stylish who handle all the bloggers including their customers. Yeah I admit, that’s my fault too, I don’t do RSVP before, I’m sorry… 


photo (2)I went there with simple make up and outfit, and while waiting for my turn, I decided to Camwhore as much as possible ^0^/. 



Their treatment room interior is minimalist, homey, and simple. I feel comfortable with the interior and treatment given. This simple service is comfortable situated in the second level of Plaza Senayan and in a very accommodating place. 



The treatment starting with cleansing and washing my hair. They used ALL Oscar Blandi products, including my hair shampoo and conditioner! I love the shampoo & conditioner, they smell like luxurious pure jasmine scent, so divine!  I don’t know why I really love Jasmine a lot, although my sister often call it the smell of flowers grave >.<‘. (I’m using Jasmine body perfume, Jasmine Car Perfume, Jasmine Aromatherapy, now surprisely I found the Jasmine shampoo and conditioner too ^^ which suit me the best)


photo (3)

After it’s done, they blew dry my hair first, to move on to the hair styling.



By the way they use Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray before, because it have 450°F heat protection, so your hair wont be damaged by dry styling!!


photo 2

And taddaa its done, my hair looks very natural, in fact I didn’t think about dramatic hair because it was late evening and I just had an appointment to watch movie at the Premiere XXI with my bf.


photo 3

Before going home, of course I had to take more pictures. I love how my hair felt and looked after the treatment there! :)



Oscar Blandi Exclusive Store is located at Plaza Senayan 2nd Level Unit#283C and Kota Kasablanka Mall Upper Ground Unit #66. You may come to their store to try their service ^_^ I do recommend it because their staffs are all so professional, kind, and put so much effort on their work!


Thank you Oscar Blandi for inviting me ^.^


Oscar Blandi



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