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Hi everyone! 

Today I’m here for reviewing the Makarizo – T1 Style Dazzling Foam!

A few weeks ago, PR Makarizo kindly send me this hair styling product for a review purpose, but I just have time right now for writing my experience at this blog. So, let’s check it out! ^ ^



This is how the bottle looks. The design is very simple with purple color. It is basically a liquid styling foam that comes in a pump bottle that once you pump, it foams up the product into something mousse like. Makarizo claims their formula features keratin that is easy to absorb, revitalizes and protects hair from possible damage.



Makarizo T1 Style Dazzling Foam scent smell terribly strong and I have a feeling some people may not like it but personally find it kind of soothing. The scent doesn’t last all day, but well if you are really sensitive to scent, definitely you need take a sniff test first!


photo 2 (1)

For my long hair, I typically use 3-5 pumps when my hair is half away dry. I rub the product between my hands and apply from the middle to the ends of  my hair shaft to add volume and then blow dry completely. I usually use it before curling my hair. And I find that it makes my curls looks fuller and more defined. Unfortunately, using too much this product can leave crispy, breakouts and sticky feeling on your hair.   So a little bit amount  is enough, I think! I don’t likes when my fingers sticky and can’t run on my hair >.<.


Plus (+):

– Give a nice volume to your hair

– Affordable price

– Convenient pump packaging

– Soothing scent


Minus (-):

-Over use of this product may caused any breakouts and sticky feelings


Overall I can say this is a good product, not great, but still worth to recommending. In case this product runs out I will probably try something else, but I can always come back to it and know what I’m getting. Well then, that’s it for this post. I will bring more hair products review next, so stay tune! 

See you in the next post.. ^^


Makarizo T1

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