Review: Menard Tsukika and Beauness

Happy Valentines Day Everyone…. 

On Valentines day, usually I’m very excited to prepare everything including my beauty appearance. With doing some treatment, I put a little bit more attention from head to toe. Like manicure, pedicure, hair coloring, got a new hair cut and not less important is the facial treatment.


Speaking about my face ritual treatment right now, I’m using Tsukika series and Beauness from Menard. I got this product from the previous Menard event that I’ve attended, and needless to say I am impressed by how high quality their products are! And I fall in love more and more *_* !

Has been using this product for about 5-6 weeks, so here’s my whole experience…

 Let’s check it out!


Step 1 –  Menard Tsukika Cleansing Cream 135ml  (Rp.300.300,-)

This cleansing cream can removes makeup and dirt also moisturize our skin at the same time. Usually, I only use this cream during the night where I came back from a full day of activity and I use makeup.



Texture and Scent:

The texture is quite thick and creamy for me, but the scent is so delicate and gentle. I feel relax  whenever I’m using this Tsukika series. 


photo (7)

Size & Application: 

They teach me the measurement for each product with the easiest method possible. Whether you’re using thick or thin makeup, you just need one knuckle part of your thumb size, to cleansing a whole face.

After that, divide this cream into the five spots ; forehead, nose, right and left cheek, also chin. Then spread it all over your face and do the circular motion until all the cream texture turns oily. Clean your face with warm water or tissue afterward.




Step 2 – Menard Tsukika Washing Cream 120ml (Rp.300.300)

This creamy facial foam can removes all dirt’s and gives smoothness on our skin. This foam is works at it best to clean our pores and all impurities.


photo 2 (2)Texture and Scent:

The originally texture of this product is creamy until you mixing it with water and rub, it will be form a fine foam ball. And as I mentioned before the scent of Tsukika series really good and relaxing.


Size & Application:

Using Menard foaming net (you can also purchase this net at Menard’s nearest counter – only Idr 11.000), and then put an amount of the product a size of 2cm length on your palm. All you need to do is create the foam slowly by rubbing foaming net and mix the cream with little water, until your foam formed as tennis ball size.




photo 1 (2)

Cover all area with foam and slowly move the foam into circular motion with our hand! Try to not directly touch the skin but the foam, this is to avoid our skin loose it’s elasticity. It’s the foam that does the cleansing motion, no need to massage hardly. After that, keep on doing the circular motion with your foam until you cover all areas in your face. Cleanse with cool water afterward.



Step 3 – Menard Beauness S  – 160ml (Rp.720.500,-)

Menard Beauness Toner is one of the best selling products from Menard.  By this stage your skin should be squeaky clean already. Lotion is important because it will prepare your skin for moisturizer. It can reduce the skin trouble also improves “rough and spot-prone” skin into healthy and smooth skin. 


photo (7)

Size & Application:

 The right way to use this product is pour the toner to cotton pad as big as an old Rp 100 coin (the heavy one)Pat it on one area first, with upward movement until  you feel that your skin feels fresh and cold then move on to the next area until you cover all face area.


SAMSUNG CSCOverall Opinion:

After all the three steps face ritual above, my skin feel so clean, fresh and I noticed my moisturizer cream is work much -much better! Actually, I don’t have major skin problem except the very dry skin condition. I started using this skincare after attending Menard Events a months ago. Now I feel my skin is more moisturized and supple after using this product. I also can see that my skin is slightly brighter and more healthy. Then people’s around me started to praise on how my skin improve which came as a surprise. They said it just has healthy glow that makes my face looks fresher.

 I love it…

This is my holy grail skin care at the moment, because it just what I need for everyday use!


That’s all for today! Have a nice day girls & enjoy your Valentine’s moment ^ ^





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