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Hi Everyone,

Have you ever check your skin condition before?

As for me I already check twice, the first one with Menard  and  the last one with SK II.

So, here I just want to share my skin check experience at SK II Counter, Sogo Plaza Senayan.  



The skin check process in SK II counter, it similar with most of the skin diagnostic tool that I’ve tried, but the different is we can do a skin check with a full makeup (without need to clean it before). Its pretty simple, right!



When I ask the SKII Beauty Consultant, “It will be accurate if I didn’t remove my makeup?”

She answered that SK II magic ring is modern enough, it can determine into the deepest layer of my skin, so I don’t need to clean my makeup. She also tell me, the magic ring can check the texture refinement, firmness power, wrinkle resilience, spot control and radiance enhancement.


photo 3 (4)

 This is the magic ring, that what I talked about. With red colors make this stuff looks eye catching, right? 



I’m doing consultation with SKII Beauty Consultant, because I want to know what my skin’s need.When I do the skin check experience, in generally my skin age is equal to my actual age. I wish I can have a younger skin than my age ^ ^. The Beauty Consultant said that my skin results is still normal still same with my age, but I can have 6 years younger skin, if I’m using SK II – Facial Treatment Essence products routinely.

 SAMSUNG CSCFrom the texture refinement check result, I got my skin texture is 5 years younger than my actual age.


SAMSUNG CSCBut from the other aspects like firmness power , the test result is 1 year older than my actual age. 


SAMSUNG CSCWrinkle is a night mare for every woman, but I can’t deny it because age factor, pollution, lifestyle right now maybe could speed up the process. As you can see on the left side photos, there is a blue spots under my eyes, and that’s my future baby wrinkles hiks T_T.



Well this is my candidates dark spots that will arise in the future. I can’t imagine the red dots on the screen it will change into the dark spots on my face. Oh, I can’t believe it..



As you can see there is my aura index, and well I’m not too disappointed with the result. My aura index is include to better category. Thanks God.


SAMSUNG CSC After the skin check is done, there are some tips to improve my skin condition.

Since my skin lacks of moisturizer, it is important to provide plenty of moisture or essence, with a high moisturizing effect.  And to get the younger skin, I need to massage my skin everyday also don’t forget to do a double cleansing (cleansing + washing) every night where I came back from full activity and I use makeup.

SK II Beauty Consultant told me a healthy skin starts from the clean skin. If your skin isn’t clean before application, whatever serum or cream you use won’t give the best effect. If your skin still dirty, it can become acne and clogged our pores. So, always remembered do a double cleansing girls!

Thanks for reading, hope you find this sharing helpful! Let’s improve our skin together!



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