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If you remember my post here, YES, I already try their SK-II skin check experience with magic ring last week. Now, I just want to share my  thoughts with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence!

They are a breakthrough skin care product that I’m excited about! 

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As you know, Japan high quality skin care is my top priority. I always find that Japan products are well trusted & innovative. And I’m happy to share this luxury beauty product”s that’s worth every penny. Let’s we see more ladies ^ ^ !



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Well, if you’re confused with the bottle SK-II  Facial Treatment Essence  that I have, I will explain shortly. This is the limited edition of SK-II – Rochas Design (2012), the price is more expensive too.  If the regular 215 ml bottle SK-II priced at Rp.1.600.000, to get the limited edition products – Rochas design bottle you need to spend around  Rp.1.800.000. Maybe it sound a little bit crazy, spending more money  just for the limited edition bottles, but who can resist the elegance of this bottle >.< ?  There is always a  plenty of people outside who can effort and buy this limited edition bottle’s for prestige reason right ? (No Joke)

 I hope to be one of them… Actually, I’m not… I decided to give it a shot since I was sponsored by SK-II ^ ^, thanks SK-II.


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To be honest, I will say this is my first impression trying this SK-II product, because I’m just using the Facial Treatment Essence about a week now. I love to put a light essence on my face beside it moisturized my skin very well, I also like the freshness feeling. 


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There are two ways of using this SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. When the first started using, I used my hand, pour the essence on my palm  and then gently pat it onto my face and neck area. But I found the essence absorbs quickly on my hand its like my skin drink it >.< seriously.


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Either way, I’m used a cotton pad, pour the Facial Treatment Essence and pat it on my face all over for 1 minute and then I gently swipe. Oh yes, the beauty consultant told me for the best result you need to used your toner before using the Facial Treatment Essence. Also apply twice daily, morning and night.


I want to show you the real test that I’m doing on my hand.

photo (10)

Left hand (with bracelets) , toner and essence. On another hand only essence.

At the first try I found a very interesting thing… The left one with toner and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence absorbed super quick and leaves my skin with clean and supple layer. While the right one with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence only still a little bit watery.



And if you want to more prove  that SK-II absorbs fast on your skin, just simply watching this video.


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I can’t say many things about this product, since this is my first impression. I just notice  a week after usage, my skin becomes supple, well hydrated also giving me the healthy glowing skin. I was impressed by how fast I can see the result within one weeks (maybe because it contains more than 90% Pitera). This  unexpectedly gives a perfect moisturized to my face without feeling heavy, or sticky. Overall, I’m very impressed by SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I agree if this product is called as Miracle Water which bring skin radiance as clear as crystal.



 This products were send to me for blogger’s collaboration with SK-II Indonesia.




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