Review: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

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SK II Facial Treatment Mask

After doing the skin check with Magic Ring SK-II a few weeks ago, I will sharing my experience using  SK-II Facial Treatment Mask right now. Don’t be surprised this is maybe the shortest review on my blog ;D.

I know that’s right! If you haven’t read my previous post, read here too, okay?  >.<”

You will know this review is just continued from my previous SK-II post! ^ ^


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The SK-II Facial Treatment Mask comes in a regular sheet packaging. Maybe its look similar with the other facial mask in the market but the different is the SK-II facial treatment sheet mask is drenched in their famous Pitera formula. I tear the mask sheet packaging, the sheet it self is in pure white color with typical scent of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.



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I used this mask on the night before I’ll sleep, one thing I love most about this mask is didn’t cause any irritation / itchiness on my sensitive skin at all. The gel essence is rich in texture which provides me moisturizer on the dry areas and glowing my skin in the next morning. My skins feels well moisturized, radiant and rejuvenated.


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A little tips from me, don’t forget to use some remaining essence in facial mask pocket by pour the essence and then use all over your neck and arms! ^ ^ 


The price Rp.215.000,- each one, might be a problem when compared to the other facial mask in the market. But if you’re someone who doesn’t mind to pay more to get your skin care treatment, you may want to go for this one. The results are way better with this. It restores all skin needs and which results in soft and glowing skin. 




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