Review: Menard Facial Salon – Sogo, Central Park

Lately I’m a little obsessed with treatments, either hair treatment, body treatment, moreover facial treatment. I really love treatment so much because I can relax and I can relieved my stress in the middle of my chaotic datelines >.<‘.


Since I’m in love with treatments sort things, today I will share about Menard Facial Salon which located at Sogo, Central Park Mall. Menard Facial Salon in Japan have more than 2.300 salon that will pamper beauty of the customer from the inside and outside. And now Menard Facial Salon ready to serve us in Indonesia ^ ^!


SAMSUNG CSCA few weeks ago, I got a chance to try their new lines of facial at Menard Facial Salon – Sogo, Central Park. Of course since Japan high quality skin care is my top priority, I accept it XD. As we know Japanese treatment usually had highly quality standard of their products and  they  trained well their staff service carefully before they serve it on their customers.



So, before the facial treatment started, I got the skin check first  for determine what skin type that I have, and what kind of mask that I needed. Well, as you know my skin condition was lack of moisturizer, and extremely dry. Menard team told me, to use the properly skin care everyday routine. The steps is always started with cleansing – washing – toner – essence – serum – and moisturizer. Maybe its sounds a bit complicated  but trust me, those steps is highly recommended to get the maximum result.  



Well from the skin check result, my dry skin is match with Colax Care pack . Colax care pack (pink) is used for dry, wrinkle and saggy skin. As you can see on that picture, each color have the different benefits. Customer usually can combine between two pack for more save efficient package, its like Clean Pack first and then other pack  ( 2 Pack priced only Rp.624.800,- you can choose two pack colors depends on your skin type).


photo 5

As for me, I just trying the Colax Care pack, for my facial treatments because my face already totally clean from acne and oil.  But hey looks in the pictures, they are the range of  Menard skincare the beautician will be using during my facial treatments. Woah, its a lot of skin care  right ? >.<‘


Okay, now I will show you the process at Menard Facial Salon. Actually I don’t really remembered, about the whole details process while I’m facial. Because I was too busy enjoying myself being pampered and soothed XD.  So I just try  placed  from the photos sequence that I took inside my camera.

photo (13) Just like the basic of any other facial, its always started by cleansing the skin. Personally I really enjoyed while the beautician doing cleansing on my face, because their method is accompanied by a gentle massage which make me very relaxing.


photo (14)

I could feel that they used steam while doing the massage process. Then, the next step is scrubbing process with Menard Herb Mask. This Herb Mask is contains a lot of granules to removes the old skin cells and leaves my skin clear also smooth.


menard facial1 I’ve been really tired lately and lack of sleep.  When the beauticians puts the eye mask on my eyes,  it’s feel super refreshing. After the ten minutes were up, I can feel the area under my eyes felt both tighter and less dehydrated. 


menard facial maskOnce all the cleansing and massaging is done, it is time to do the facial mask!  

I tried the Colax Pack  because I think that is the most suitable one for my dry skin condition and I personally really love it! The texture of this mask is also different and unique from other masks that I have tried before. It actually contains of a mask powder with a serum which need to be blended together with iced water to be applied on our face. It gives that kind of cooling sensation which is very soothing and relaxing. After several minutes, the mask would produce a very unique texture after it is dried. You can pull it up from your face and it forms to be like a mask! 


menard facial salon2Through out the process, they also applied hot towel and it was soothing! They fold the towel in a unique way ^ ^. I think the hot towel really relaxed me.


facial menardTo finish the entire process, Menard Beauness Toner, Essence, Serum and moisturizer cream was applied.


facial menard2Final Thought:

Its slightly different from the other facial technique that I’ve tried before. Menard Facial doesn’t allow extracting the white/black heads or pimples, because it can cause pores widening on our skin face. The Menard facial basically emphasize on Shiatsu points on the face which has so many benefits, like ease blood circulation all over our face and prevent wrinklesTheir beauticians was really professional and well training, I can’t found every single mistakes from them. I’ll swear all it was perfect. I could feel how they were being very careful and gentle in doing the facial process.

I could say that after I tried it by myself, how amazing the experience in Menard Facial Salon was. You know, when my 90 minutes ended, I really did not want to leave my room!! I truly enjoyed everything about the facial! I could feel the result right at the moment I got the treatment and the facial mask process done. My face looks brighten, pore tighten and my skin texture even feels better, when I touch my skin it feels bouncy.  The treatment make me totally  addicted, I will definitely be going back soon (Sssttt, I already reservation for the end of this month >.<”).



If you’re confused  with the bowls photos above, yes me too *0*.  Winny from Menard Indonesia, told me about the measuring glass, bowls  and such tools for facial their bring directly from Japan >.<. Because Menard team already make sure the measurement glass in Indonesia different with Japan glass. So they wont missed every details… Every little things does matter.  Each step throughout the entire facial process is based on Menard’s procedures determined by their Research & Development Center in Japan.


SAMSUNG CSCThe mask itself, can’t be used at home, it is used specially only at the Menard facial salon. If I’m not wrong, they also have one is SEIBU Grand Indonesia. However, the salon in Seibu, Grand Indonesia is still in progress for renovation. If you want to try their mask in Menard Facial Salon – Central Park, the facial treatment is located nearby with Sogo Beauty Lounge. Before getting this facial treatment, you need to make sure via phones reservation first for at least two days before.




Menard Counter & Facial Salon | Central Park

SOGO Department Store, Ground Floor
Central Park Mall
Jl. Letnan Jenderal S. Parman Kav. 28
Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat
+62 21 3623 3044




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