Javanese Traditional Experience at Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa

As I promised to pamper myself regularly, a few weeks ago I decide to made an appointment at Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa – Regatta. Why I choose Regatta? The first one its located at Pantai Mutiara, and it’s very easy to access the place from my house, its about 20 minutes drive here (no traffic with tollway access) and secondly because this apartment is one of exclusive high class apartment in Jakarta, I’m so curious with their interesting architecture anyway^ ^. 

photo 1And  you know? When I entered their basement parking, a little bit surprised since there are many expensive car such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Bentley, and such as, directly I feel my car is the ugliest one there >.<”. 


Now, let’s begin the journey!
photo 2Here’s the price for Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa – Regatta!
And in fact they also provide discount for me!

Because I’m coming as a couple they suggest us to take the Royal Marital Happiness Package (even we’re not marriage yet o_O”).

If I’m not wrong, this is the details about our treatment:

 Royal Marital Happiness [ 4 hours ] 
Highly recommended for couple or honeymooners.
Women treatment
Relaxing aromatic foot bath
Pelvic floor exercise + basic relaxation
Asmaragama massage
Volcano body wrap
Intimacy care
Bust treatment
Milk bath

Men treatment
Relaxing aromatic foot bath
Pelvic floor exercise + basic relaxation
Asmaragama massage
Papaya enzyme body polish
Milk bath


photo 1 (1)  We all know Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa is more into classy type with full of Java tradition. The room was designed with Batik elements and they made it antique with maroon as their base color. The lighting is a little bit dim to create warm atmosphere, it feels very cozy and relaxing. I think they did a good job with the combination of warm lighting, wooden furniture’s and warm tones throughout the spa.
I got my treatment in single SPA treatment room with a bathtub and shower. But since we want to treatment together, so we decide to upgrade our standard room to VIP double villa room, and there are additional charge about Rp.100.000,-.


photo 4I started my treatment with a relaxing aromatic foot bath. After that, something different that I had never done before, as the therapist taught me to do a pelvic exercise and basic relaxation, which is useful for relaxing and tightening the pelvic muscles.


photo 1The therapist then gave me an Asmaragama massage. Asmaragama is a word taken from the philosophy of making love taught in the Old Javanese Palace, almost similar to India’s Kama Sutra. 


photo 4(1)All the products used are Mustika Ratu products.


photo 2 (2) The most unique thing is I had the volcano body wrap ^ ^. After rejuvenating massage, the therapist covered my body with a scrub made from volcano mud that felt quite cold, and then wrapped my body with some kind of hot electric blanket/wrapper. Unfortunately the electric blanket is not warm enough, so I’m not too enjoying this wrapping process.


photo 5After being left on for several minutes, I then took a shower to cleanse the mud off my body and continued with a milk bath. As I was finishing my bath the therapist prepared for the next treatment, which is intimacy care. I was then told to sit down on some kind of chair with a hole in the middle. Beneath it was a concoction of herbs such as turmeric, and the fumes were useful for cleansing the intimate area.

 photoThe treatment then continued with a bust treatment, and not forgetting the face I also had a facial treatment. I don’t really like the facial process, because it hurt me so much. Every time the black head extractor touch my nose, it makes me cry a little. It was so painful and awful. I’ll swear I wont try the traditional facial anymore >.<”! I know beauty is pain, but I am someone who think “If there are the modern high technology method for facial outside which doesn’t hurt me at all, why I need to use the old one, lol. The result still the same, and it doesn’t made your pore widening in the future. Make sense?


photo 5 For the men treatment it isn’t too different. The main difference was they have a papaya enzyme body polish instead of the volcano body wrap, and a reflexology instead of the intimacy and bust treatment. To be honest,  I will say although the facial and volcano body wrap wasn’t great, but the massage was excellent! The double villa room were especially comfortable!

photo 3And of course I was a happy bunny at the end of the session! My skin looks clean, tight and fresh. Say goodbye to my dull skin. I definitely recommend this Royal Marital Happiness Treatment for you who has no problem paying a little extra for a luxurious spa experience and in my point of view this spa is great for couples too because besides the super cozy double spa room both of you can feel the sexy vibe after the treatment! I felt super fresh and relax after the treatment!!!

Ultimately, we enjoyed our stay and left feeling relaxed.

photo(1)And in case anyone is wondering how much is the total cost of the whole treatment package, there you go!


For you who want to visit Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa – Regatta, here’s their address:

Apartement Regatta VA- Tower Monte Carlo Lt. GF A- B, Jl. Raya Pantai Mutiara Pluit ,Penjaringan , Jakarta Utara P: 021 – 66677502




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