Korean Scrub Treatment at Mint Day Spa & Salon

안녕하세요 ANNYEONG HASEYO ladies ^ ^

  Have you tried the Korean Spa before?  In my mind Korean spa treatment always come like this picture >.<

sauna2Pictures are credited to the respective website, I found them via google.

If you’re the hard fans of Korea things or K-Pop lovers, you must be know this famous “Jimjilbang” from their Korean Drama! But this time, I’m not reviewing about Jimjilbang lah, this is a bit different from the original Jimjilbang in Korea but it has the similar concept. Here in Mint Day Spa & Salon, you’ll get the similar experience just like in Korea with the Korean Scrub treatment series. The whole Korean Scrub treatment series at Mint Day Spa & Salon are directly adapted from Jimjilbang, a korean bath house. So you don’t need to go far away to South Korea just for enjoyed the Korea treatment. Mint Day Spa & Salon has import their equipments and products directly from Korea, even the therapists at Mint Day Spa & Salon are trained by Korean!


Never heard about the Korean Scrub before? Let’s find out, ladies!


mint spa

Honestly, before I’m trying this treatment, I’m not so familiar with the Korean Scrub but I do realize that Korean women have the great skin! I love Korean woman skin a lot and I know they go through a long process of skincare to take care of it. A few weeks ago, when Delphine the owner of Mint Day Spa & Salon invite me to try their newest service called Korean Scrub, I was so excited because this is my first time ever trying the Korean Scrub like this.



Oh hello…

imageWhen I arrived in their reception area,  the receptionist greeted  me warmly and guide me to meet my therapist. 


photo 1My therapist escorted me to the changing room, where she provided me a locker key, shower cap, slippers, disposable g-string, and a tube clothing to cover my body because I will take sauna for 15 minutes or until sweat dripping all over my body (approximately 15-30 minutes).


photo 2 (1)Excuse me for my ready-for-spa-face ^ ^.

locker room mint day salon & spa
I managed to take some photos of the salon so you can see the environment at the salon. The salon is a lot bigger than I thought, there are so many facilities and the place is so clean and hygienic, I’m really impressed.


image (2) The lightning is a little bit dim to create relaxing atmosphere.

The lighting is a little bit dim to create relaxing atmosphere  – See more at: http://www.stellalee.net/2014/04/japanese-hair-salon-in-tokyo-kilico.html#sthash.RoB8rmlJ.dpuf
The lighting is a little bit dim to create relaxing atmosphere  – See more at: http://www.stellalee.net/2014/04/japanese-hair-salon-in-tokyo-kilico.html#sthash.RoB8rmlJ.dpuf

 image (1)And just like its name, everything in this salon looks minty. 


image (3)Ah… Somehow I felt this mint green colors really pleased my eyes.


964CAD19-EF38-4159-AAA2-856F43CE7679 Alright, so once I’m ready, I have to take sauna to open up my skin pores, so it will be easier to remove dead skin cells on the next step.


photo 3Beside that, sauna is great for your metabolism, where you just have to sit and read magazines hahaha. 


image (4)

After 20 minutes hitting the sauna room, you will be taken to a private room and that is where the fun begins! I was so shocked when entered the next room with a shower and wet bed also there are a lot of waters on the floors.


Yes ladies, here is the room for the scrubbing and massaging, I will be here until finishing my last treatment ! ;D


And now! It’s finally time for the Scrubbing Process~~~~~


Unfortunately, I can’t take my photos while scrubbing process, because I’m naked. Yes, I can said almost full naked (only wear the disposable g-string), actually it will be a little embarrassing and uncomfortable for an unmarriage girls like me to be naked in front of strangers people >.<”. Throughout my experience, if you’re too shy and feel awkward to took off your tube dress, you can ask them to keep on.


The exfoliation starts with a special Korean scrub glove to remove dead skin cells. The glove were so rough, so the therapist just use that only without any scrub cream to exfoliate my full body and honestly it was a bit painful because the therapist had to rub off the pad into my skin. My skin gets red in a few places, maybe because the scrubbing session is a bit harsher than normally I do to my own skin. But I didn’t complaint though, because I wanted to get the maximum result of Korean Scrub. There were so many dead skin cells after the scrub. I didn’t where all of it came from >.<”. It’s kinda disgusted and happy feeling mixed together to see how many dead skin cells peeled off. It was yucky but I was glad to see how smooth my skin feels afterwards.


The next process is massage using Korean scrub to replenish skin with nutrients. I love this step the most, because the scrub is really gentle on the skin and who doesn’t love being massaged right? After being massaged, you will be bathed with fresh milk to get that elasticity and glowing skin like Korean women. Once the massage finished, you can rinse your body in the shower and you can also wash your hair if needed!


The whole treatment of Korean Scrub took about 1,5 hours (depends on how long you to stay in the sauna room and etc). After finished the whole treatment, I felt so fresh and relax. I also feel my skin get smoother and brighter. It’s exfoliate and refine my skin at the same time! Compare to regular scrub, in my opinion, Korean Scrub is definitely unique and different. I have tried a lot of SPA in Jakarta. Most of them, well, all actually have the same process. I never experienced anything like this before, I feel like a baby again, in terms of being showered, shampooed and rinse all over. But it also a best treatment so far to get a clean and soft skin! It’s like I changed my skin with baby skin.



Korean scrub is the secret of Korean Beauty and you can have it in Mint Spa and Salon. For hair treatment, waxing, manicure, or etc, you can try their salon at the same floor.


 Thank you Mint Day Spa & Salon for having me!

I really enjoyed the Korean Scrub!

MINT SPAIf you want to know more about Korean Scrub, go visit them directly at:

Mint Day Spa & Salon
Jl. Wahid Hasyim No. 65 Jakarta Pusat,
P: (021) 31925534
Opening Hours: 10 am to 07 pm everyday.

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