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Hello Everyone!

 I’ve always had dry problem skin, so I find it important to have a well regimented skincare routine to keep my skin moisturized. This time I will recommend you one of my best beauty finds, which I’m using for day and night time skin care routine! It’s been almost one month since I used it for the first time and I’m still using it until now. So, let me tell you about this product!



The Laneige Water Bank Intensive Cream comes in a glass jar, with blue color really reminds me of water. The color of blue is scientifically proven to calm the mood, so whenever I see this product when I use it, I feel super relaxed. There is a protection cover in the middle when you open the lid and the product is covered with a white vinyl lid in the middle instead of the seal. The lid in the middle is very useful because it prevents from becoming dirty.  



You can use the product in a very clean way, Laneige has kindly provided us a plastic tiny spatula. And the spatula makes it very hygienic to use and it dispenses just the right amount of product. 


I applied some on the back of my hand with the spatula. It feels sort of rich. Perhaps it’s because it’s a moisturizing cream for the dry and normal skin. It has a good smell, but it’s really faint. I am sure that those people who are sensitive to fragrance will be able to use this product without any (7) I applied Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream only on the right side. The area with the cream was sort of like having a moisture layer. You can see that the area with the cream is definitely more moist and glossy. 


photo (6)
I’ve been using this cream since one month now and this cream is perfect for day use and night use, it does a great job at moisturizing and brightening my dull / dry skin. Actually, I didn’t go through the steps of skin care and only applied the Menard Beauness Essence + Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream for my daily moisturizer. And I must say that it was more than enough for me, this light moisturizer texture is easy to spread on my face and gives the translucent effect when I wear it, plus it doesn’t feel oily or sticky after the application. This is my first time trying out the Laneige Water Bank Intensive Cream and I think I love this product a lot ^0^!


If you have any skin problems like I’ve mentioned above, you definitely have to try this out as it does really help my skin! 😀
Plus (+) :

– Perfect for sensitive, dry, dull skin

– Brighten and moisturize my skin

– Nice fragrance, not overwhelming

– Does a great job as a night cream, skin is crystal clear in the morning


Minus (-) :

Expensive it cost IDR 390.000 for 50 ml product.


Anyway, I will be going to Japan from 22 June and will be back around 26 June! There will be 5 days and 3 night where I have sponsored trip from Japan International Broadcasting TV , because I’m chosen as Ama-Chan Special Reporter  (۶்▿்)۶ yeayy!!        

Soooo.. This year 2014 it is officially my duty to share with you just how AWESOME Japan is!!! 

Pictures are credited to the respective website, I found them via google.
I will be arrived on 22 June and I am leaving on 25 June mid night…  My itinerary for 5 days  are quite packed, yet dunno what can I do either lol Cos, seriously? 5 days 3 night? o.O 

This is quite short for the first time comers like me >.<”

Well, I know I’m going to Japan not fully for holiday, but  I swear to my self I will come back to Japan some day and stay more longer to explore Japan!

Okay that’s all for now guys, I’m so excited for my Japan trip, talk to you on another review soon!

Bye Bye… ^0^




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