Delicious Ramen at Tokyo, Japan

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Let’s bring back the good time in Tokyo!!

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It’s not enough to visit Japan without experiencing its delicious ramen, right? ^ ^ I am so lucky because I have a friend  from JIBTV that introduce me to amazing restaurants so I just tagged along her to bring me try  the best ramen in Tokyo.  Okay this time to dig out some old pictures from my last trip to Japan and bring you to the magical restaurant that is on Harajuku.

Lets Go!

Ichiran Ramen is a popular ramen chain in Japan and it has been widely accepted as one of the best spots for Tonkotsu ramen! It is one of the most interesting ramen restaurant you can find in Tokyo so it’s definitely a hard to miss!

Angelina CynthiaUpon entering Ichiran, we are greeted by the standard ramen shop vending machine. You insert your money, press the button corresponding to your desired food item, and take the dispensed ticket to your seat.


Ichiran Ramen1Near the door is a lit layout display of the restaurant. The blue color on the layout actually shows you where the empty seats are.


Here’s my table look


ichiran ramen 5Ichiran’s Ramen place is SO special, there’s 21 seats in a row and all of them are individual! Lucky us, me and my friend – Mieke get two spots right next to each other. When seated, you can’t see your neighbor’s faces. Also you can’t see the faces of the people serving you the ramen (unless, like me, you rather rudely stick your camera into the opening).



First of all, you’ll notice a sheet of paper in front of you with a pencil. This part reminds me of multiple choice answers. Basically, you can customize almost every elements of the ramen here at Ichiran starting from flavor strengh, soup richness, garlic, green onion, sliced pork, Ichiran’s original red sauce level to noodle texture so you can have your ramen just the way you like either it’s super thick or light with firm or soft noodle texture. If it’s your first time to Ichiran, they recommend circling down the middle which is essentially going for regular ramen with pork. So that’s what I did!



If you’re wondering, the prices don’t change no matter what you select. All you had to do was pay for the ramen at the ticket machine. After filling in your preferences, you press the call button in front of you, and one of the staff members open the shutter, take the sheet, and then close the shutter. As for the drink, just like any other restaurants/cafes here in Japan they provide free water to drink.



ichiran ramen 9 I was sooooo happy because last meal in Tokyo cost me ¥790 per bowl (1 yen = IDR110 during my trip on June 2014) only and was so good!!!!! I thought the tonkotsu ramen would be just same with another ramen but Mother of God, the Tonkotsu – “Ichiran Ramen” is THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD [omg my tummy growls as I type this]!!!! Tonkotsu ramen actually is pork bone based, the soup is really really thick and the taste is absolutely fantastic, on the top of ramen they put Original Red Sauce to add more spicy taste. It also served with firm, well-made noodles, perfectly roasted slices of pork, and green onion.


 Ichiran Ramen 11My ramen was amazing. The broth was ridiculously rich and divine. The noodles were delicious and cooked perfectly. After every bite, I had to stop and turn to D, declaring, “Oh my God! This is so good!” It was, hands-down, the most enjoyable ramen I have ever had. It was also probably the fattiest, but hey, you only live once!!


ichiran ramen 8 If you find that one serving of noodles isn’t enough, you can order 替玉 (kaedama / refill noodles) at your seat by place your Kae-Dama Ordering Plate on the call-button placed in front of you at your counter space. A special melody will sound and your server will arrive to take your order”…Its really COOOL!!!!!


ichiran ramen12

tonkotsu ramenBut don’t forget to leave at least half of the soup to enjoy a refill of noodles since it comes without soup and toppings. Yes! We can repeatedly order the noodles with just paid 190 yen only at the ticket machine!



If you are in Tokyo, and craving an amazing bowl of noodles, you cannot go wrong with Ichiran. Especially let’s say you’re heading to Harajuku, you should definitely drop by Ichiran! If I’m not wrong, it’s located on the Omotesando near Harajuku street, it’s right opposite the Omotesando Hills ^0^!! Now that I am back in Indonesia, I am desperately hoping someone will bring Ichiran here. I can’t imagine having to wait to return to Japan before having another bowl of this simply stunning ramen.



Ichiran Ramen, Harajuku branch

Sanpo Sogo Building 2F

6-5-6 Jingumae Sibuya-ku Tokyo-to




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