SK-II The Gift of Everlasting Beauty

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I’m sure SK-II no needs the introduction anymore, but for those who are living in a cave SK-II is one of the most famous and best skincare brands across this globe. A unique and significant ingredient, Pitera, promises to dramatically improve the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process and delivers supple, smooth and soft skin!

SK II Everlasting Beauty

I was so excited and honoured to be invited to this very fashionable event “SK-II The Gift of Everlasting Beauty” fashion show. The fashion show is held on 23rd of October 2014 at White Cube, JCC Senayan in association with BAZAAR Fashion Festival featuring talented designers such as Mel Ahyar, Billy Tjong, Andreas Odang, and Hian Tjen. The fashion design of the four designers represent a new packaging SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Each bottle is inspired by the beauty of the flowers that describe natural immortality and beauty.


Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 7.35.49 PMPhoto Credit: @SKII_ID 

This Christmas season, is the right time to choose a truly timeless gift for the most important people in your life. Discover the Limited Edition SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, a collection of 4 exquisitely designed bottles from emerging artist Po-Chih Huang. Huang has transformed the classic bottle with his signature artistic technique in digital technology. This festive season, the iconic bottles will debut in stunning refreshed digital floral compositions, inspired by tulips, hydrangea, freesia and cypress.



Photo Credit: @SKII_ID

Each design represents a different face of beauty that translates into a celebration of the recipient, making it the ultimate gift of the season for your loved ones. Red tulip represents the beauty of passion, Yellow Freesia represents the beauty of elegance, Purple Hydrangea represents the beauty of Compassion and Green Cypress represents the beauty of wisdom.


sk2-giftPhoto Credit: @SKII_ID

For the first time SK-II presents four different design for the Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition. If you want to give the SK II limited edition 2014 Facial Treatment Essence and you are confused about the meanings design of each bottle, this is the meaning of each design:

SKII RED Red Tulips: For the Passionate

 Ideal for the woman who displays incredible passion in life, this bottle adorned with energetic red tulip petals symbolizes vitality and a dynamic spirit.


SKII YELLOW Yellow Freesia: For the Elegant

 With its subtle scent and a graceful appearance, the freesia is a perfect metaphor for understated elegance, and the bottle’s symbolically optimistic yellow hues make it the perfect gift for someone whose radiance glows from within.


SKII PURPLE  Purple Hydrangea: For the Compassionate

 The enchanting hydrangea was chosen for its symbolic representation of appreciation and gratitude, while the varying shades of purple add a thoughtful allure to the bottle – ideal for the one who always thinks of others first.


SKII GREEN Green Cypress: For the Confident

 Simple yet striking, the green cypress has deep-rooted symbolism in wisdom, strength and eternity. This bottle of SK-II Men represents confidence and charisma, making it the ultimate gift for the man who embodies inner strength and stability.


gift-set For now, I believe I’ve given you an idea what to get for your family and friends for Christmas! I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be so happy when they unbox it because who won’t love receiving SK-II for Christmas???

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