Review: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask EX

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I am back with another Beauty Post, this time is about good facial treatments and I found one that I really really like! This is the Laneige’s best selling product, the Water Sleeping Pack ex. I’ve tweeted, instagrammed and blogged mentioned about their products before and everyone knows how super awesome their water sleeping pack (mask) is!!! I am on my fifth tub already haha #no jokes! Yes, I paid for this because it’s so worth it. I find it especially useful when I need it to soothe my skin. I’ve had itchy rash on my face once and I apply that to sleep and woke up the day to nicer skin hahaha. Wait, wait! Okay, I know what you’re thinking: a mask that you wear when you’re sleeping, then you woke up with super awesome moisturised skin. But how if the mask’s sticky and spreads on the pillow? 

Let’s we see!!



 The water sleeping pack is housed in a blue jar made of hard plastic. Nothing fancy but I do like how simple and sleek the packaging is. It is sturdy but I won’t bring this if I’m going to travel. If you want to bring this sleeping pack anywhere, I would suggest to just buy a smaller jar or pot to store it, it much more convenient that way. In the box you can found; the product, a small white spatula for hygiene purpose and a pamphlet that contains some information about the products. I love how Laneige always adds spatula / applicators on their products ^^.



When you open it, you will see a Laneige seal/sticker on top, it is to indicate that the product is brand new. Don’t use it if the seal is broken or not attached properly.





According to Laneige, if you have a rough and dull skin, you need to use this – one or twice a week to achieve a bright and crystal clear complexion. Simply put a sheer layer and spread it on your entire face after you finish with your skin care routine, then rinse it off with water when you wake up from your beauty sleep lol.



Texture & Scent

The texture of  Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX is in the form of gel and it’s light blue in color. It has a very refreshing scent, not empowering. Light Gel type textures provides intensive hydration, vitality, and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation through aroma scent. Water Sleeping Pack fills in moisture while you’re sleep to leave your skin deeply hydrated and brightened. 

As I mentioned earlier, the sleeping pack looks somewhat thick in the container, but once you apply it to your skin, it becomes very watery and thin, melting almost instantly. The gel feels cool and refreshing on the face,  for me the gel completely absorbs approximately 15 -20 minutes after application.  I store this product in the fridge for an extra kick of cool-ness of this product. Once I’ve applied the sleeping pack, my skin feels cold,  fresh, relax and  I really enjoy the sleep scent. The fragrance is strongest immediately after application and then slowly fades until it completely dissipates 30 to 45 minutes later.

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It needs a little time before it’s safe to sleep on, but after 15-20 minutes, I can sleep and it wont stick on my pillow sheet. It’s really comfortable to sleep on. I love how it’s really convenient because you just put it on your face on the night, and you wake up with moisturized, suppler, and softer skin! Super easy to use and fascinating result! I notice that my skin is really moisturized when I use this product overnight! It helps my skin to look more radiant and brighter, I also feel that it’s getting smoother and firmer too. 


– It has soothing and cooling effect

– Relaxing Fragrance

– Hydrating

– Brightening

– Hygienic

– Suites for all types skin 

– Not sticky, easy to spread on

– Gives suppler and firmer skin as it’s rejuvenated



– The Jar quite heavy and bulky in fact 

– Takes a while till it’s fully absorbed and can be sleeping with

– A little bit pricey


I love this product a lot and I think it’s a great investment for your skin in the future, the standard size 80ml, could last you for 6 months to 1 year depending on usage and how often you use it. I’ve been using this product regularly for more than 1 year already, and I can said that I’m very satisfied with the result on my skin.  
Have you tried this sleeping pack before? What’s your favourite item from Laneige? ^ ^






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