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My family’s keep telling me that I’m so full of luck, and well that might be true. I didn’t expect that I can go to Japan twice a year and I’m so blessed  since this is the free trip I didn’t pay anything except for my personal expenses.  In my post today, I will bring you to strolling around Kyoto area. Kyoto is pretty close with Osaka its around 1 hours transfer by car and 30 minutes by shinkansen ride.



Kyoto is formerly the capital of Japan and well-known for having such traditional wooden houses.There is a lot to see in Kyoto. With only half day in the city, we had to rush trough all these major attractions in just less than 12 hours. It wasn’t enough time to fully appreciate them, so I just visit the main highlight of Kyoto. 



With Murasaki from Malaysia! :)
So happy to get to know her  from this trip!



The first one is Kiyomizudera Temple is one of Kyoto’s most popular attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a large main hall, pagoda, a shrine, the waterfall, great views into downtown Kyoto, views into the cherry and maple trees, and views into the mountains. It has amazing sceneries when I’m stared from the Kiyomizu Stage, I can see the red maple leaves everywhere in autumn  colours. Ah, its very pretty, all the trees turn red or yellow together. 



Overall, Kiyomizudera Temple has so much going on and so much variety as compared to other temples in Kyoto that it makes my list of highly recommended things to do.  The fun part of visiting Kiyomizudera Temple is around the entrance of Kiyomizudera temple its self,  from the outer gate to the main temple, Ninen-zaka and Sannen-zaka shopping street is filled with those attractive shops and food stalls you often see in mangas; selling everything Japanese-related stuffs ranging from street food to omamori (lucky charms) to souvenirs to kimonos!  And there are several kimono rental shops offer geisha makeovers for tourists. At first sight, you might really think that you are seeing a real Geisha / Maiko! However at closer sight, you will be able to spot the difference (A real maiko will be too busy to stroll around on the streets anyway)! There is seriously so much to see, eat and buy along these streets!  Do allocate enough time if you are heading by this area, It’s the most visited temple in Kyoto ^ ^!



Our next stop is  Togetsukyo Bridge. Togetsukyo Bridge is located in the Arashiyama district of  Kyoto. This bridge quite famous at Kyoto. They said if you visited Kyoto, make sure don’t missed their Togetsukyo Bridge. It is quite impressive and amazing to see. I love walking at this area, because its a peaceful quiet neighborhood!  It’s a popular spot to view autumn colors!


togetsukyo bridge

You will find rickshaw parked up near the Togetsukyo Bridge. Rickshaw drivers do not only take passengers to their destination like a taxi, but also give tours of temples and shrines with a detailed explanation and enjoyable chitchat. The most appealing thing about riding rickshaws is the people who pull them, I’ll mean hello guys, the rickshaw driver here so handsome (シ_ _)シ.  I can’t stop starring the rickshaw driver because they’re to handsome to be missed, seriously hahaha. Unfortunately I didn’t try to ride this rickshaw because the limited time that we have, maybe next time when we revisit this place, we’ll try this one!. 





So on our very last stop in Kyoto we headed into a bamboo forest in the small town of Arashiyama – just a few minutes from Togetsukyo Bridge. I went during low season (early December) so the path of the forest was really quite and peaceful. Just as we entered the bamboo forest in Arashiyama, we can hear the wind sound blows amongst the bamboo. Also we can see the natural beauty surrounding, especially when we saw the bamboo forest, that’s pretty amazing and beautiful. The Japanese uncle – someone who was in the neighborhood said to me, that last week this place was packed with tourists from abroad, and many taxi’s also cars were really busy passed the same path that we walked. I’m a bit shocked and somewhat feeling lucky, especially since no one posts about this in online reviews and other travel diaries that cars allowed to enter this area! But the Arashiyama Bamboo Grooves still pretty interesting to see, I think this is not just the home of the bamboo grove, but also a lovely, traditional looking, Japanese town.  Don’t forget to put this place in your itinerary list!



I fall in love with Japan too deep >.<” , every time I’m going to Japan, it feels I don’t want back to go home. Nice weather, friendly people , good food, lovely nature. I wish I can go to Japan as often as possible. Because still a lot of other part area in Japan that I haven’t visit yet, let’s say like Kumamoto, Hokkaido, Sapporo, Hiroshima, Nara, Kobe, Okinawa ah it still a lot to see, can’t describe one by one…

Each area in Japan has the unique culture and tradition it self, I wish I can explore Japan more deeply. And my big dreams is one day I will bring my mom with me to the holiday in Japan and show her how beautiful Japan is it, just like my story… 

Till I see you again, Kyoto. Bring me another cool experiences please? ~ (ˆヮˆ)づ♡

Video Credit: Japan Ramen University

Thank you so much to Japan Ramen University for this amazing trip and experienced. So, that’s all my Kyoto Trip. See you guys on my next travelling post!




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