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imageIts holiday time!!!

Oopss feeling guilty even it’s not the holiday season, but I’m escaped  to Japan for around two weeks with my little sister and bf! In fact not a total of 2 weeks since we’ll go by Airasia flight, so it will be transit first at KLIA and for the trip it self it will be wasting around 2 days. 

Anyway, beside the Japan trip, I have so many things to be updated, especially I have to tell you that I’m in preparation for my wedding this year, yay! Just less than half year (in 6 months to be exact) left till my new life as Mrs Nathaniel and I’m really nervous! 

 I’m quite stress and mad hectic  for preparing many things in the future  few months. Anyway guys, I know what’s in your mind. If you ask me or blamed me, why I still going holiday even its already pretty closed with our wedding? YES, please understand us guys, we just need the holiday before become bridezilla. Sometimes bring together two families with different culture is not easy. There always a problem to face, only a small things can be a big problem. Well, getting married is not an easy matter AT ALL. It needs love, commitment, blessing of both parents, mentality, mature-characters and of course funds to make it happen!

 Most of preparations are not yet done, so far we just already found the:

1. Wedding Venue,

2. Bridal

3. Wedding Organizer

4. Wedding Car

5. Wedding Cakes

6. Grooms Suite

7. Wedding Photography


Wedding Dress haven’t found yet, souvenirs, entertainment, gowns for both mothers, bride / groom shoes, decorations, honeymoon, oh well… I think its still a lot of my home work T_T. I don’t know from where I should start. It was all our mistake not to prepare anything earlier. 

photo (2)

I’m really dilemma for choosing my wedding gown, since I got one package with the ready stock wedding gown design from my bridal, I didn’t found any design which suitable with my taste. When I found the one, its already booked with the other brides to be. Oh God, help me to decision  the one that I really liked the most. I really sad when I know my marketing who handles me at this bridal is already resign. And suddenly I feel lost my way. The person who in charge in our bridal already resign, and the other  person who replace her, its not quite good as well. This bridal actually is not cheap, my bf paid amount of money for make me happy, he want to make sure we got the best quality, best service for our once in a life time moment. I just said the bridal doesn’t meet our expectation, #double sad.

As we getting near to The Big Day, we certainly become more worried about the implementation of every details! I am too perfectionist and I want everything to turn good without fail. All in all I guess I tried to please everyone but not even myself is pleased is a wrong option, as my mind state is very chaos in the end. I think I will start thinking and prioritising my own happiness from now on.

It’s gonna be on 11th of October this year, yes it is the same time with my birthday, so save the date guys, hopefully things go well & easy until the D-day. :)  Anyway I didn’t found yet the pre-wedding location, our plan is find the unique local place in Indonesia, if you have some idea, please give me the suggest at the comment section. 



I will update about my wedding vendor list just right after the marriage and of course I will review details one by one so stay tuned ladies!



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