SK-II R.N.A. Power Essence & SK-II R.N.A Power Cream Review

I freaking need anti aging in my life because my skin starts aging earlier and earlier due to global warming and many other factors such as pollution , stress, UV rays, toxin foods, etc. I am halfway to 29 right now, lucky me I don’t find myself thinking about wrinkles constantly, but I’ve also wondered if there’s anything I can do to keep my skin healthy and glowing for as long as possible. No matter how old (or young) you are, there are amazing things you can do for your skin that will keep you looking your best, longer.

Most of the time I trust myself with Japanese brands for this stuff, but I run out of my anti aging and in need of having a new one. Gratefully when I was thinking of buying one, I was given a set of SK-II  R.N.A Power. I’ve been really curious about this SK-II R.N.A Power series since it launched a few months ago and finally I got the chance to try it out.


 SK-II R.N.A. Power – it’s latest upgrade from Stempower anti-ageing range – which consists of an essence and a moisturizer – called the Radical New Age Power (or R.N.A. Power for short) aims to do this. The new ingredient, called the Pitera x Radical New Age Complex, is said to work on skin cells at every layer of the skin to influence the healthy synthesis of protein, such as collagen and elastin which are essential for firm skin. The formula is excellent for layering and can be used day or night.

SK-II R.N.A Power Comes in 2 different texture which are essence and cream.

Let me review the first one – SK-II R.N.A. Power Essence.


Product Description:

New R.N.A Power Essence  brings you to the next level of firmness – lengthwise firmness – for  poreless, plump skin with a fresh morning glow. Immediately upon application, each drop fills the gaps in your skin, making it firm, resilient, and feeling plump. Skin becomes smooth and tinged with a fresh morning glow the next day. One bottle reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles. Used with R.N.A Power cream, this new duo from SK-II brings you to a new level of confidence from today and for the next 15 years.


It comes in elegant red glass packaging along with pipette to drop the serum. Well anyway, it is very easy to pinch the tool to take out the serum. And the bottle is so fancy and luxurious to be stored along with your other skin care items.  It contains 30 ml, and depending on your usage but at the very least it could last you for 3 months if you use it on daily basis. I have been using R.N.A Power Essence for like 1 month already [and it’s still like 65% left] so I guess Its really saving my pocket. I usually only use 2 drops for entire face, I feel the serum is highly concentrated and I really think 2 drops are more than enough as I can already feel the serum is absorbed and giving nice feeling on my skin.
After two months using this product, I notice some major changes on my skin.  My face usually is quite dry and somehow most of skin care make my skin much drier but  R.N.A Power Essence really different. It has moisturizing effect that locks the water on my skin, the serum helps revitalizing my skin and tightens my pores. It also helps even out my skin tone, and gives healthier complexion on my skin tone. Oh yeah almost forgot, It is also said to help anti aging, I’ve stepped into 29 something which requires ANTI aging T__T. So I think this is the good investment for the long term effect.
Second, this is the SK-II R.N.A Power Cream
Product Description:

 R.N.A POWER ESSENCE brings you the next level of firmness – lengthwise-crosswise firmness from every angle – for a moist glowing look after 10 days. In just one day, this moisturising cream gives you firmness from every angle. In 10 days, signs of ageing skin diminishes so that skin becomes firmer, smoother, tighter, and more radiant. After one jar, fine lines appear less defined. Use in tandem with the essence to get the full effect of Pitera™ and Radical New Age Complex. Embrace a future of youthful beauty.


The SK-II R.N.A Power Cream comes in a red glass jar with a lid and a mini spatula are included inside the box. I really recommend you to scoop out the product using the spatula in order to not transfer bacteria from your hands into the cream. To be honest, I hate this cream packaging, every time I open the lid on the glass jar always made the cream spilled out which made looks a bit messy and sticky.

The cream has a rich and thick consistency. I just scoop out a pea – sized amount of the cream, use my fingertips to dot on my forehead, cheeks, and chin and then spread in an soft and outward motion until my entire face covered with the cream. The product is easily absorbed by the skin. With its thick consistency, you might think that you would end up having oily skin. But after it has been completely absorbed, you’ll fell that your skin is more soft and plump. Personally, I love using the essence and cream during the night just like a sleeping mask. It has a thicker consistency and provide the exact hydration for my dry skin. By next morning, my skin has become softer that it has ever been. There’s a good feel bouncy to it and I could see that my skin was glowing.

Overall, it would be an amazing product to be include in your skincare routine. I personally love both of them, they feel so nice on the skin and absorbs quickly. Leaves my skin bouncy and hydrated. The Essence boosts the effects of the Cream, so try using them together for best results.

 If I’m not wrong the price it’s about IDR 1.229.000 for essence (30ml) and IDR 2.004.000 for cream (80g). Quite expensive I must say, but if you’d like to invest more on ur skin, it’s better to prevent aging than to treat one.Your skin is an asset, that’s why I rather spend more money for skin care than makeup, to be truth! Use anti aging product before you’re aging ok!




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