Loreal Hydra Fresh – Aqua Cream Review

 Hi everyone,

Since I had a really – really dry skin,  I always want to have a great moisturizer to hydrate my skin. I realize this is very important to avoid my skin from wrinkles -__-“ . So, a few weeks ago I decide to searching the moisturizer at drugstore. And finally I found Loreal Hydra Fresh – Aqua Cream for normal to dry skin, which I hope this product works well on my skin.

 Just to let all you know, I can try gloss, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and other makeup for a while and then review them very quickly because it showed the direct result. Unfortunately different with the skincare products, it takes longer time to review, because usually the skin care show the result indirectly. For the accurate review I’ve been trial this product day and night routine in a couples week. Now I am ready to serve you with my honest review!

Where I Got This And Price:

I bought this at Carefour for IDR 98.500, quite affordable for a moisturizer I think 

Packaging :

 With a circle shape glass packaging in jar, it makes the packaging of this product looks classy and expensive. Although it’s only 50ml,but the packaging quite heavy and fragile. So I think it’s not friendly packaging for travel. But if  you looks something for daily use at home, this packaging good enough for you.

 Texture & Application :

This product have a watery and creamy texture, its make my skin translucent and moisturized when I wear it. Its also give smooth and cooling fresh sensation. But there are things that I don’t like from this product, it takes a long time for my skin to absorb it, even this daily cream should be used twice a day, but it made me feels the heavy feelings when I use it in the morning. -_-

You can see how it look on my hand

Plus (+):

– elegant packaging

– smooth and cooling fresh sensation

– moisturized well, keep skin hydrated at least 4-5 hours

– fresh scent

– value for money

– easy to find at any local supermarket / drugstore

Minus (-):

– takes a long time to absorbs, I can’t patience to wait until it absorbs well into my skin, because usually at the morning I’m in a rush to work -_-‘ (it’s impossible to go out when the moisturizer still wet and sticky on my face)

as a daily cream, it should  have the SPF contains

Final Opinion: 

Like my expectation this product work well on my dry skin. As you can see that my hand its really oily and pretty moisturized. But personally, I can say  this product is not really for me because I want moisturizer for daily use, not just for a night cream.

I think I  will spend  the rest of  cream as my night cream later, because as a daily cream this product doesn’t contain SPF. And as we know the SPF has a very important function for protecting my skin from sun exposure especially for me who lived in Jakarta that have high humidity and hot weather ^ ^.

Well then, that’s all for my review today..

Has anyone tried it yet? What do you think? Share it!! ^ ^




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