Malaysia – Genting Highland Trip 2nd Day Report

Hello again everyone, 

Due to the massive amount of pictures I took in Malaysia, I decided to upload them separately. The first part  is when I arrived at Kuala Lumpur, before I’m off to Genting Highlands and second part this one you’re reading at. 

Okay, ENJOY the shots!

I’m using my cream sweaters with black legging pants. It is just too comfortable and soft, keeps me warm so damn good!

Marrakech Gucci Bag & Vincci sandals 

  This is the look I choose for my vacations at Genting Highland a few days ago..

Sunglasses from Vincci 


 Panoramic view of green scenery greets me in the morning

Cable cars journey at Genting Highlands , it’s really amazing experience ^ ^ You must try it!

Giant Buddha statues at Chin Swee Temple covered with heavy fog

Any way this is the snapshots I had, see if you like it and let me know what you think! ^ ^




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