Review: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask EX

Hey Ladies,

I am back with another Beauty Post, this time is about good facial treatments and I found one that I really really like! This is the Laneige’s best selling product, the Water Sleeping Pack ex. I’ve tweeted, instagrammed and blogged mentioned about their products before and everyone knows how super awesome their water sleeping pack (mask) is!!! I am on my fifth tub already haha #no jokes! Yes, I paid for this because it’s so worth it. I find it especially useful when I need it to soothe my skin. I’ve had itchy rash on my face once and I apply that to sleep and woke up the day to nicer skin hahaha. Wait, wait! Okay, I know what you’re thinking: a mask that you wear when you’re sleeping, then you woke up with super awesome moisturised skin. But how if the mask’s sticky and spreads on the pillow? 

Let’s we see!!


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[JAPAN] Yokohama Sights

Hi everyone,

Terribly sorry that I haven’t been a good blogger these couple of months (˘̩̩ᴗ˘̩̩ƪ).

I have so many stories to share but no time to blog. No time for take a picture. I don’t even have the time for instagram too. #SAD 

I used to check my instagram feed 24/7 following the trends and news. But now, the moment I wake up, I have to rush and work at my mom shop, controlling my brother’s gallery, check all of the payment of my customers, stock, serve walk-in customer. Then after about 9pm, I finally have some times for watching movies in cinemas, hang out with my boy friends for dinner. Now, that 4 hours away from closing is the happiest time of my day.  Because mostly I sleep around 00.00  – 01.00 am.  


Photo Credit: Japan Ramen University

This time, I just want to update that I has done many things recently. Last December, I’ve been choosing as one of six Ramen Exchange Student from South East Asia countries, yeay!! 

2 December 2014, with ANA AIR  finally I arrived at Haneda International Airport with other student’s from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines.



Photo Credit: Japan Ramen University

Okay, let me introduce my new friends one by one ^ ^!

I’ll start from the second row first (Left to Right), the yellow one with sun glasses is Neil from Thailand, and Jae from Singapore, then Murasaki from Malaysia. And then the first row, we have Sam from Vietnam, Film from Thailand and  of course me from Indonesia ^0^.

On the first day we arrived at Tokyo, we are separated into three groups. All of this groups have a different schedule and different destinations from one each other. Each groups only contains two people’s, Neil with Sam going to Sapporo and Hakodate , Jae with Film going to Fukuoka and Kummamoto and  as for me with Murasaki, we are going to  Kyoto and Toyama! Yipieee!!!..

But wait we still have a little time for strolling around! So, we gonna stopped by in Yokohama for a couple of hours!!

Let’s Go Guys!! Go! Go! Go!

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Nicoline Patricia Collaboration with SK-II The Gift of Everlasting Beauty

Hello Everyone^ ^,

Gak kerasa ya uda masuk bulan Desember, bulan yang penuh dengan Holiday, dan identik sekali dengan Christmas and New Year… Yeayyyy!!!


Kalo kamu sudah baca postingan aku disini, kamu pasti tau SK-II berkolaborasi dengan artis muda berbakat asal Taiwan, Po-Chih Huang.  Huang telah menuangkan empat desain eksklusif pada botol SK-II  untuk membantu wanita mewujudkan transformasi kecantikan melalui manfaat dari Pitera. Karya Po-Chih Huang tersebut juga telah menginspirasi empat perancang Indonesia ternama untuk menampilkan karya busana mereka di Bazaar Fashion festival 2014.

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SK-II The Gift of Everlasting Beauty

Hello Everyone! ^ ^ 

I’m sure SK-II no needs the introduction anymore, but for those who are living in a cave SK-II is one of the most famous and best skincare brands across this globe. A unique and significant ingredient, Pitera, promises to dramatically improve the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process and delivers supple, smooth and soft skin!

SK II Everlasting Beauty

I was so excited and honoured to be invited to this very fashionable event “SK-II The Gift of Everlasting Beauty” fashion show. The fashion show is held on 23rd of October 2014 at White Cube, JCC Senayan in association with BAZAAR Fashion Festival featuring talented designers such as Mel Ahyar, Billy Tjong, Andreas Odang, and Hian Tjen. The fashion design of the four designers represent a new packaging SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Each bottle is inspired by the beauty of the flowers that describe natural immortality and beauty.

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Delicious Ramen at Tokyo, Japan

Finally I have a free time after a long time war against my dateline works woohoo!!  

Let’s bring back the good time in Tokyo!!

angelina cynthia1

It’s not enough to visit Japan without experiencing its delicious ramen, right? ^ ^ I am so lucky because I have a friend  from JIBTV that introduce me to amazing restaurants so I just tagged along her to bring me try  the best ramen in Tokyo.  Okay this time to dig out some old pictures from my last trip to Japan and bring you to the magical restaurant that is on Harajuku.

Lets Go!

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