Review: Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator


Hello Everyone!

In today’s Beauty Post, I will be sharing about the hair treatment products from Kaminomoto. I’m sure a lot of you not so familiar about this brand, and maybe this is your first time heard about this brand. But well, same like me I just found this amazing product. Kaminomoto is a 100 year old- hair tonic brand from Japan. Their products are formulated specially for us Asians and usually they products working good!

Let us see!! ^ ^  


Most girls like myself love to have a fresh look once in a while I’m sure! And we tend to change the way our hair looks first, cos you must agree that the colour or style of your hair plays a huge part in your overall image.. I’ve rebonding, coloring, and bleaching my hair for a couple of times. But well, overtime due to the constant colouring, it causes hair loss and so on. Right now its hard for me to doing the hair treatment at salon, because I didn’t have time for it. That’s why I decided to get a new home hair treatment! 

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