Review: Menard Fairlucent Clear Lotion and Fairlucent Pack White Ad


Hey ladies! Thank you for being so patient with me with regards to sharing about my skincare.

I’m really sorry for the lack of updates, but there’s some drama happens in my life so I don’t really have mood to blog lol. Also I spent too much time with my wedding preparations, so I don’t really put attention on my blog. Somehow getting out of the routine is what I need before start doing this again. Hence I have booked holiday for it ^.^

For this entry, I will do a review of my last used treatment products, which is Menard Fairlucent Clear Lotion Ex and Fairlucent Pack White Ad! Well I’ll explain more on this blog post!

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Review: Skin LiFE Foaming Facial Wash & Skin LiFE Face Lotion

Hello Guys!! I am back from the long long holidays I ever had!! I spend almost 2 weeks I guess for holiday. And sorry for not update my blog regularly since I don’t bring my laptop along with me. Now I’m in Jakarta, really miss my blog a lot! But I still need to manage my time for blogging, working and other things in my life.


So here’s the product review of Skin LiFE Foaming Facial Wash & Skin LiFE Face Lotion!

Let’s find out!

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