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Hi everyone,

Terribly sorry that I haven’t been a good blogger these couple of months (˘̩̩ᴗ˘̩̩ƪ).

I have so many stories to share but no time to blog. No time for take a picture. I don’t even have the time for instagram too. #SAD 

I used to check my instagram feed 24/7 following the trends and news. But now, the moment I wake up, I have to rush and work at my mom shop, controlling my brother’s gallery, check all of the payment of my customers, stock, serve walk-in customer. Then after about 9pm, I finally have some times for watching movies in cinemas, hang out with my boy friends for dinner. Now, that 4 hours away from closing is the happiest time of my day.  Because mostly I sleep around 00.00  – 01.00 am.  


Photo Credit: Japan Ramen University

This time, I just want to update that I has done many things recently. Last December, I’ve been choosing as one of six Ramen Exchange Student from South East Asia countries, yeay!! 

2 December 2014, with ANA AIR  finally I arrived at Haneda International Airport with other student’s from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines.



Photo Credit: Japan Ramen University

Okay, let me introduce my new friends one by one ^ ^!

I’ll start from the second row first (Left to Right), the yellow one with sun glasses is Neil from Thailand, and Jae from Singapore, then Murasaki from Malaysia. And then the first row, we have Sam from Vietnam, Film from Thailand and  of course me from Indonesia ^0^.

On the first day we arrived at Tokyo, we are separated into three groups. All of this groups have a different schedule and different destinations from one each other. Each groups only contains two people’s, Neil with Sam going to Sapporo and Hakodate , Jae with Film going to Fukuoka and Kummamoto and  as for me with Murasaki, we are going to  Kyoto and Toyama! Yipieee!!!..

But wait we still have a little time for strolling around! So, we gonna stopped by in Yokohama for a couple of hours!!

Let’s Go Guys!! Go! Go! Go!

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Amazing Tokyo, Japan! Mimpi – Mimpi Itu Kini Menjadi Kenyataan!

First of all! Thank you, thank you, and thank you so much to  Japan International Broadcasting TV (JIBTV) for choose me as the special Reporter of Ama-Chan drama. I’m so honoured  to be part of  promoting the Japan tourism ^ ^.


Finally a few weeks ago, saya berhasil menginjakkan kaki saya di Tokyo – Jepang, masih seperti mimpi rasanya >.<” sulit dipercaya. Jepang sebenarnya bukan negara baru untuk saya. Perkenalan saya dengan Jepang berawal dari film-film kartun Jepang yang sering muncul di televisi swasta. Masih ingat nggak tentang Sailor Moon, Doraemon atau Detektif Conan? Film-film tersebut merupakan kartun favorit saya semasa saya kecil dulu lho. Continue reading →


Review: Menard Facial Salon – Sogo, Central Park

Lately I’m a little obsessed with treatments, either hair treatment, body treatment, moreover facial treatment. I really love treatment so much because I can relax and I can relieved my stress in the middle of my chaotic datelines >.<‘.


Since I’m in love with treatments sort things, today I will share about Menard Facial Salon which located at Sogo, Central Park Mall. Menard Facial Salon in Japan have more than 2.300 salon that will pamper beauty of the customer from the inside and outside. And now Menard Facial Salon ready to serve us in Indonesia ^ ^!


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Singapore Short Getaway – Marina Bay Sands Hotel

 Hello Everyone!!

Time flies too fast, I even cannot imagine that New Year 2014 is coming already. I’m really sorry for the lack updates on my blog, during this holiday moment, I’ve been sick and already going to hospital about 5 times T_T. Until now still have Vertigo on my head and can’t sleep well. Okay, before u get boring!

Let me started  with this amazing photos!


People says ” A pictures can say a million words, so I just let my photos talk!

The picture above is amazing view of Singapore City captured  from Singapore Flyer… 

Flew to Singapore 6 months ago with young sister and my dearest patners. Singapore is one of the best place I always love to go for a short getaway in the middle of chaotic deadlines.


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Fresh New Year 2013 at Genting Highlands – Malaysia

 Okay let’s begin with: HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!! 

I know its too late to said, it’s supposed to be published at 31st Dec or 1st Jan but better late than never, right? ^ ^ 

Alright! I am finally back from my wonderful trip from Genting Highlands!! Yayy!!

Anyway, this is my 3rd visit here! I stayed at this very nice and comfy hotel in Genting Highlands, Theme Park Hotel. It was a very pleasant place to stay!


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