Journey Report 5th & 6th Day – Final Macau & Hongkong!!

In case you are waiting, I present you my delayed Macau & Hongkong post, day 5-6!

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it, I am such a badass blogger, I just finished this journey report post after about half a year this trip has been done >.< .

Before I forget what happened that day!
I am back, sharing about my journey trip that happened almost 6 month ago.
So, in case if you haven’t read my previous blogpost, here’s the links, 

Post 1

Post 2 Part 1

Post 2 Part 2

Post 3

Post 4

That’s 5 blog post in total. What an achievement, hahaha!
No choice. I had to separate the blog post into several parts as I took too much photo! Hehe!

So this is the sixth! This is the final post of my journey report..

Let’s check it out!

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Journey Report 4th Day – Guangzhou To Macau

Gosh, it feels such a long time  already since I came to Macau, though it’s only been 5 month. I miss Macau already, sometimes being pilled up with my works make me kinda forget how it felt in Macau. So when looking back at the photos, I feel woww again..

Best Holiday I Ever Had!

I really wish to bring you into my own journey as well. So, after spend my day at Hongkong and Guangzhou let’s head out to 4th day at Macau ^^!

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Beauty Event Report: Pantene Shine Moments

Do you still remember, about 2 months ago I got hair makeover with Pantene & Alfons P&G Beauty Experts? Yap, this time not about makeover again!  But Pantene invite me and my fellow beauty blogger to attend their press conference event “Pantene Shine Moment”.

 Curious about the event? Let’s roll down..!


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Journey Report 3rd Day: Shopping in Guangzhou

Hi Everyone,

 So happy, today I’m gonna share the newest post for this month also my 3rd day of journey report – shopping in Guangzhou! ^ ^ As you know guys, Guangzhou is one of the best shopping paradise in China. You can find out many things items there in the cheaper price also comes with good quality. This time my shopping list more into bags, luggage and clothes. Because my cousins is bag seller, I got many clues and information from her to visit the handbags wholesale market in Guangzhou. So, let’s check it out!

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Journey Report 2nd Day – Part Two: From Hongkong to Guangzhou

Hello – Hello, back again with me, in journey report 2nd day- Part two : From HK to Guangzhou!!

 During my 2nd day trip to Guangzhou, I didn’t had chances to visit many place in Guangzhou, because we arrived lately than our schedule. Our itinerary mess because unexpected accidents. At first we had plan to buy the tickets at 18.00pm so we can reach Guangzhou around 20.00pm. But when we arrived at the Hung Hom Train Station, we found that we run out of the tickets for that day. Oh Gosh, this is really bad news for us. I almost ran out of sense at that time, because I already booked 2 night stay in Guangzhou’s hotel. 


Thankfully God still bless our journey, I see one agency travel agent near the ticket counter. I try to ask about the train ticket from Hongkong to Guangzhou there. And… Yes.. lucky us, finally we got the last train tickets at 20.00 pm ^ ^.


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