Island Hoping at Pulau Belitung – Indonesia

Hello everyone, how was your day so far? 

I hope you always have a good one! 
DSCF7153I’m so sorry for the lack updates on my blog, I have so many stories to share but no time to blog lately >.<“! So for now, I will present the Island Hoping experience at Pulau Belitung, Indonesia. I brought you back some postcards from Island Hoping at Pulau Belitung, feel free to check my previous blog post about Pulau Belitung!


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An Unexpected Trip to Belitung!!


So, as you can see from my title, this is really-really unexpected Belitung trip story… This was totally unplanned… 

My bf surprising me with his last minute plans, he told me a day before the trip that we going to Belitung the next tomorrow morning at 05.55 am . Shock?? Of course! I was like 0_O” Oh really? It was a pleasant shock for me, because I  really need a vacation!! So, thanks baby, you know me so well ^0^!

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Malaysia – Genting Highland Trip 2nd Day Report

Hello again everyone, 

Due to the massive amount of pictures I took in Malaysia, I decided to upload them separately. The first part  is when I arrived at Kuala Lumpur, before I’m off to Genting Highlands and second part this one you’re reading at. 

Okay, ENJOY the shots!

I’m using my cream sweaters with black legging pants. It is just too comfortable and soft, keeps me warm so damn good!

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