Review: B.liv by Cellniq – Off With Those Heads


I am back again with another skin care review! This time it’s to fight your whiteheads and blackhead! We all hate it, dont we? It never goes no matter how much we try to get rid of it. But you know, that squeezing it is a big NO NO? Since if you squeeze it, it will make the pores bigger, so the dirts can come again easier and becomes blackheads! 

photoThanks to b.liv I get to try this famous product “off with those heads” which I don’t need to feel painful anymore because of squeezing! After using it regularly for couple weeks, now it’s time for me to review it!


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Painless Facial Experience With Shiseido

Last week I got the Birthday Present from Shiseido. They send me an birthday cards with a free voucher for doing a facial treatment at Shiseido Professional Cabin. Previously I never liked doing facial treatment, because it sounds like a nightmare for meI always have a negative thing about facial it self. And in fact there’s the reasons that I hate doing facial is awful and painful. Although sometimes I have a lot of  blackheads on my nose and  some pimples on my face, as much as possible I avoided facial! 


shiseido facial experienced

But this time, I want to share with you. Actually this experience really change my perception about facial treatment.  Short story, yesterday I just tried Shiseido Facial Service at Sogo, Emporium Pluit Mall, Jakarta.  I didn’t planned it before for doing a facial there, just a spontaneous action when I’m boring waiting to watching a night film at XXI. I guess it should be reservation first by phone, but I don’t do that. I passed on the Shiseido counter at Sogo and then remembered that I had one free voucher for a facial at their professional cabin ^ ^. 

So let’s see how the treatment was like! ;D

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Protect Your Hair Color With MK3 HOT ICE Mineral Oil


Aloha! Today I am going to share about my new hair treatment.

As you know, having a long hair like mine need an extra hard work to do a treatment. Moreover, after going through the chemical process of hair coloring, my hair tends to become dry and rough. I’ve been dyeing my hair even since I got out of senior high school at 18 so it has been a good 8 years straight!  So naturally my hair is really damaged!!!


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